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Today, my 55 year-old mother faked a pregnancy because she was jealous of all the attention I've been getting since I had my twin boys. FML
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zingline89 18

I faked a pregnancy once too when I got jealous of my wife. For some reason she never believed me, something about me not having the "proper internal plumbing to get pregnant" or some mumbo jumbo


Sounds like somebody wants to relive the glory days? Still, not cool of her to try to steal the spotlight. They're your kids, you deserve the attention.

Did I miss something? I wasn't aware having kids was about gaining attention.

Well sort of, yeah. If someone I knew just had newborn twins, I wouldn't NOT pay attention to that fact and probably say congratulations.

Besides, I never said that having kids was about attention. All I said was that any attention given regarding the kids is well deserved and congratulated.

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zingline89 18

I faked a pregnancy once too when I got jealous of my wife. For some reason she never believed me, something about me not having the "proper internal plumbing to get pregnant" or some mumbo jumbo

Wives can be like that. Also spouting these hippie notions that their husbands can't get pregnant just to keep all the attention on themselves. Sigh, what a world.

CheeseTron 15

"Grandma, nobody wants your wizard sleeve vajeen."

skyeyez9 24

I read that in Borat's voice.

MrClean17 15

Some people will do anything for attention

zingline89 18

Like use a well known advertising icon as their profile pic?

MrClean17 15

It's actually a play on my last name. The profile pic, admittedly, was for my benefit. I've never met anyone upset about it though

zingline89 18

Lol people definitely took that wrong, not upset about it. I figured you had some reason for using the pic, just a failed attempt at a joke

MrClean17 15

You're the weirdest clock I've ever talked to

Love it when people get snarky, and the try and claim "no, no, you took it wrong, I was kidding." The Internet Back Peddle should be an Olympic event.

ShadowAirplane 9

Mr.clean: He's the only clock I've ever talked to.

dinosxxrawr 22

if she were a bit younger at least her story would have been believable.

monnanon 13

it is rare but you can get pregnant at 55 and even older.

Exactly, "it's rare" so not really that believable. My mom's 51 and though I know it's possible I'd never believe her if she turned round now and told me she was pregnant. It's extremely unlikely to happen by accident at that age.

Actually, a woman in her 50s has an almost zero percent chance of getting pregnant the old fashioned way. Those ancient movie stars who have their babies when mist women are getting ready to celebrate no longer having to go down that one aisle at Walmart anymore? What they don't tell you is that they most likely used in-vitro fertilization.

monnanon 13

as long as you have not gone through the menopause then there is always a chance. yes i know its rare but it can happen and if ops mum was starved for attention chances are the low chance of it happening is what appealed to her.

There's actually a chance even if you have gone through menopause, it's very rare, but possible. My mom went through early menopause (she was 34) and I was born when she was 36.

My husbands grandmother got pregnant at 50 naturally. She thought it was menopause, but the doctor ran some tests and said "congratulations" she gave birth to a girl that was perfectly healthy. It is rare but it does happen. But at 55 that is stretching it to say the least.

evilraider 5

Looks like you're mother is the type of lady that would try to take steal attention from endangered pandas doing it at the zoo

flockz 19

nothing could take my attention away from pandas that are in the middle of fornicating. in fact that's specifically why i go to the zoo every other day.

Unfortunately, you are the reason I go to the zoo too. When they told me to look after Flockz, I was expecting herds of sheep, not you. Following you around all day and keeping hold of your leash becomes rather tiring, but at least you are easily amused by the pandas and will sit there slack-jawed for awhile.

Where's the part where you'll be recording it too, 15?

flockz 19

ew! gross! i would never record videos of panda intercourse with my iPhone's HD camera and the videos would definitely not be on my computer under a tab called "Not Panda Pr0n" and there would be no way in hell that these videos would also be on a USB in my right pocket so i could view these videos whenever i wanted. recording? you're sick.

flockz 19

and Welshite, i suppose the only thing that remains slack while i watch the pandas is my jaw. thanks for being on leash control.