By webperson04 - 27/07/2009 19:07 - United States

Today, I was peeing in a urinal at a bar. A drunk guy comes in, and seeing no urinals open, he decides to pee between my legs from behind me. He didn't have good aim. FML
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caramelize 0

FYL for sure. That's disgusting!

And you let him?! I'd have clocked him!!!!


caramelize 0

FYL for sure. That's disgusting!

uhh how is that disgusting?? #9 what is wrong with you??? are you into people pissing on your or something? sick. this is TOTALLY disgusting, OP I would punch a fool if he did that to me haha.

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I think #9 just didn't get that the OP got peed on.

imtheman920 0

How is that disgusting... are you insane? I hope that you hang a sign on you back saying "Pee through my legs; it's not gay at all."

#9. You're weird. Plain and simple. Or you enjoy being pissed on?

Wow #9. You really are a dumbass. Not only is getting urinated on digusting but its also disrespectful. So here is an idea for you. Go stand at a urinal until a man decides piss on your ass. Furthermore, you told the writer to man up and shake it off. The only way to man up is by urinating back on that man, or kicking him straight in the balls.

Damn. thats f'ing ridiculous. #9 idk whats goin thru yur mind

imtheman920 0

#9: Where did anybody say you liked it? They just asked if you did.

#9 probably pisses in a wine cup and sips on it all night with a plate full of shit as a meal, huh you nasty little queer?

imtheman920 0

Wrong again. I told you to hang a sign on yourself. How does that mean you like it?

Dashiell 0

You guys are idiots for taking #9 seriously, my god...

taoxyeuxmay 4

#9 just wants attention and his comment worked like a charm. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for not ignoring him.

I agree, I'm sorry but I find it hilarious. Your life sucks though :/ Hopefully you'll find the humor in that in the future. :)

at worstpersonalive/comment#37 Yeah, I don't understand you can actually enjoy trolling. The occasional troll-post that's actually funny is alright, but most trolls don't post any normal comments, they just post the same troll-posts over and over again and they get really boring.

SICK AND WRONG!!!! no, its more then that. its WRONG SICK!!! blah.

LMAO are you stupid? If a guy comes up to your ass with his dick, would you stay for him to **** you?

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That's gross. Just gross. I'm so sorry.

jasmine1259 2

seriously. this is one of those fmls that theres no reason for clicking the ydi button.

KryptoniteKiss 0

Hahaha, I'm going to start using that as an excuse for everything. "You failed English!" "It's okay, I was drunk."

So if someone is drunk driving, and kills someone you love, it's okay because he's drunk?

And you let him?! I'd have clocked him!!!!

Not just 'internet tough talk', but I really would have beat the shit out of that guy.

jem1991 0

dont people do that all the time?

Poke_my_mon 0

Sorry dude but that shit's clever. And gay. More clever though unless your pants were down. You deserved it for not turning around and clocking him

LegndNikko 0

I would have clocked him to, but... Why would he have his pants off? It's a urinal...

Even if he did it's still an FML. Knocking the guy out doesn't get the piss off your ass.

chocoLIFE_fml 2

lmaooooooo! well he was being thoughtful! he gave you a golden shower ;)

Wow... that is absolutely disgusting and ****** up. I sure hope you turned around and returned the favor all over this pants.

Poke_my_mon 0

No, because they're sword fighting, and that's never cool after age 5

Clairina 0 least he didnt come and stand next you or try to push you out of the way.

i actually think i would prefer that he come stand next to me or push me out the way rather than piss all over me...