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  ididitmyself  |  0

uhh how is that disgusting?? #9 what is wrong with you??? are you into people pissing on your or something? sick.
this is TOTALLY disgusting, OP I would punch a fool if he did that to me haha.

  kusu91  |  0

Wow #9. You really are a dumbass.
Not only is getting urinated on digusting but its also disrespectful.
So here is an idea for you. Go stand at a urinal until a man decides piss on your ass.

Furthermore, you told the writer to man up and shake it off.
The only way to man up is by urinating back on that man, or kicking him straight in the balls.


at worstpersonalive/comment#37

Yeah, I don't understand you can actually enjoy trolling. The occasional troll-post that's actually funny is alright, but most trolls don't post any normal comments, they just post the same troll-posts over and over again and they get really boring.