By Mikabe - Sweden
Today, I was working as an intern at a day care. One of the kids touched my chest a couple of times, and I jokingly told him that he shouldn't touch old and ugly women like me. So he started groping the little girls instead. When the other teachers asked him why, he said I had told him to. FML
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That is a good point there, 43. Maybe he was trying to find where the nipples are? For example, he found out that milk comes out from mom and since mom = girl in his mind, maybe he decided to investigate if all girls have milk?

  gaptt  |  8

"It's "kind of". Not that I'm being nice about it, I just hate idiots who pervert my language and have the audacity *TO* correct others."

Have a nice day now.


Hey uh, "justalilrandom", I'm pretty sure I know how to say it properly, haha. You're making yourself look like a complete idiot, loool. :) Oh and by the way, "audacity correct others" doesn't make sense. Nice try though ;) retard.

  Asario  |  0

you make fun of my picture when yours are 2 anorexic emos, a asian prostitue (who btw id like to purchase), and a veterianary doctor who fucked up one of his mutations! way to go!

  cradle6  |  13

He probably wasn't breast fed for long enough (if taking a Freudian viewpoint). But all the Freud unconscious stuff is supposed to come into play a looooot later in life.