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Word of advice: don't make those kinds of jokes around little kids. They won't understand!

Haha kids can really twist your words :D


Haha kids can really twist your words :D

What do the little daycare girls have on their chest to grope?

this is why I don't work with kids

That is a good point there, 43. Maybe he was trying to find where the nipples are? For example, he found out that milk comes out from mom and since mom = girl in his mind, maybe he decided to investigate if all girls have milk?

what the hell kind of day care is this?

Word of advice: don't make those kinds of jokes around little kids. They won't understand!

voldemort always provides the best advice

lol smart kid.

Genius* :P I don't correct you to be rude or seem superior, I just want you to spell it correctly in the future. = )

finally some one who isn't a bitch about spelling errors. :D

Ah thanks! Kinda' made my day :D I'd never be rude about it, I make spelling errors too sometimes. :(

#31 is a bitch. Ruined my day.

"It's "kind of". Not that I'm being nice about it, I just hate idiots who pervert my language and have the audacity *TO* correct others." Have a nice day now.

to correct others. ;)

Hey uh, "justalilrandom", I'm pretty sure I know how to say it properly, haha. You're making yourself look like a complete idiot, loool. :) Oh and by the way, "audacity correct others" doesn't make sense. Nice try though ;) retard.

I see neither the words 'joke' nor 'troll' register in people's minds...

Tonight on "To Catch a Predator"

To Catch a Predator: Daycare Hook-Ups

that kid sounds like somone you can't trust so the teachers probably know he lies a lot.

second don't kill me

If the child is that young you shouldn't joke about it! Ydi

sounds like an aprentice of mine.

Wow?! Look at his pic he's pedobear. :p

that's not a pedobear, that's the Sexual Harassment Panda!

you make fun of my picture when yours are 2 anorexic emos, a asian prostitue (who btw id like to purchase), and a veterianary doctor who fucked up one of his mutations! way to go!

Sigmund Freud would be proud.

nice psychology reference. props for knowledge

He probably wasn't breast fed for long enough (if taking a Freudian viewpoint). But all the Freud unconscious stuff is supposed to come into play a looooot later in life.

well, in fact you did.