By mew - 25/10/2011 18:04 - Canada

Today, one of the children at my daycare came up to me and bit me on the face. He laughed so hard at my scream, that he threw up in my lap. FML
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2ndSucks 15

Aw, kids. They do the cutest things.

Can you say zombie? He's the kind that vomits on the survivors! Go for the head!

Hmmm... Are you sure he just didnt have rabies?

Well you chose daycare, as much as it sucks you should have expected that when you chose that career path;)

Anyone else thinking this is eerily similar to both the modern idea of a zombie attack like 23 said and/or the pack execution in Dead Space 2?

No I am sorry no one goes into having a daycare where the children are going to bite your face then laugh so hard they throw up on you. This is not just "one of the days" she thought about before starting the daycare.

And somewhere there is a fetish **** site just like this.

Mahomie123 0

I literally laughed out loud at this FML

Did the child vomit up the piece of face it just bit off?? Bloody chunder!!

I think the little bastard needs an exorcism...

Double rainbow all the way acroos the sky YA YAAAAAAAA Double rainbow cross the sky WOW WOW OHH MY GOSH look at that rainbow

ak4608 8

I don't know what the hell rainbows your seeing...

OMG, what does it mean? It's so beautiful! ~sob~

I was just kidding. Sorry if I offended anyone.

125 damn straight you were just kidding. But anyways this is one of the reasons I'm just getting a dog when I get older

29's comment may have gone too far, but I still laughed. I'm a horrible person :(.

Haha that's sort of cute and sort of creepy at the same time. Maybe the next star of American Horror Story?

kewlkate 9

No, he's obviously going to be a very well wanted serial killed one day.

Canadian... It would be Canadian horror story.

X_Codes 11

I hope that's sarcasm. I really hope that's sarcasm. If that's not sarcasm, I'd have to grab you by both shoulders, shake you violently, and scream "WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" This isn't adorable! Kid needs to learn to behave himself.

13FTW 9

But, 21, how do you REALLY feel?

how the hell does a kid even reach your face??? you must be like 3 feet tall...

So ...if I bite your face and puke on you the first thing your would do is look at me and say "awwwww! so adorable?"

cupcakesnpot 9

This FML just about sums up why I cannot stand children.

Cuz you were actually born 28 years old right?

JennyBear101 0

Be careful. I heard that species can have rabies.

Neeples, did you let your oompa loompas out to reproduce...? I thought you knew better.

kaywalovestoflip 7

That's a story to tell your kids someday!