By beckbm23 - 21/11/2009 05:03 - United States

Today, at work at a grocery store an old couple came through my checkout lane. As I was putting their bagged groceries in the cart, the old man started feeling me up. FML
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Oh wow...that worst part is you have a penis. That must've been confusing.

"can you put a wig on and we can start over" says the old man

lol that was a funny episode xD (such a kid )

OLOtheDemigodess 0

And you just let him? YDI for not sticking up for your pansy ass.

bugmenotmofo 34

Totally, break that old timer's jaw.

If you really ARE a guy, then this is even worse...

Why is it worse? Is it more okay for a woman to be victimized?

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The problem is more women victomize themselves. So I don't have any sympathy or belief in any woman who claims she was raped, beaten, abused, etc... they either were asking for it or lying more then likely. To OP: if you really are a man, I feal for you FYL.

Yep. OP's a man. And not all women victimize themselves.

Thanks, 40, I was about to have a spaz attack. OP: Let him live, I mean, he's probably about to die anyways.

I'm just saying why would anyone in their right mind LIE about being raped or abused. your an ass for saying this

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You should have sneezed on the ******!

Gross. The way to handle it would have been to say clearly, "Get your hands off me!" in a loud voice that unmistakably conveys the message you want. And then tell management what happened ASAP to forestall any complaints form this old sleazebag.

Brooklynxman 0

Then say you appologize you have swine flu. Guy will shit bricks. But seriously, stop him, and complain. Immediately.