By beccabooyah - United States
Today, I was using the bathroom and checking Facebook on my phone. As I'm checking my news feed, I notice a new photo upload by my brother. I guess I forgot to shut the door to the bathroom, because it's me on the toilet. FML
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  xlord  |  27

Everyone is fucked up. How can someone ever 'deserve it' in which they are privately taken a half nude photo off and then posted online without their knowledge?
In their own home as well......

  RavagedSoul  |  0

You can say the YDI part about finding out about cheating and other rare scenarios. For this one to be a YDI I guess it would be for not closing the door knowing other people are at home or for being too lazy to. Another reason is being too engrossed with Facebook. Either way it's all simply one's opinion.


That's creepy that your BROTHER did that. If it was a husband or something then maybe I could understand, but I'm pretty sure most siblings would be uncomfortable seeing their siblings half naked. But that's just my opinion.

  tweetypie  |  18

When you gotta go, you gotta go! No time for locking doors. Usually when I'm on the toilet I'm not worried about people taking pictures of me so I leave the door unlocked.