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Today, I was watching a video from the 80s on sexual dysfunctions, and I noticed that one of the boys in the film looked strangely like my dad when he was younger. After a little investigation, I now know that in his youth, my dad had a crippling masturbation problem. FML
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I bet you're glad that you decided to investigate that.

Why would you randomly watch videos from the 80s on sexual dysfunctions?


I bet you're glad that you decided to investigate that.

The human way to always want to look stuff up with family. Even though its 1.0x10^10000000000000000 times better to NOT.

38, 60 - How do you even have an idea that the OP is a boy or a girl?

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#95 - Because it has the female symbol...?

97 - Thanks, I didn't notice the gender symbols. 99 - I just asked a little question. No need to start making assumptions or make a long comment on such a little question. Relax there.

60~ at what point does it say that OP is a she? it could very well be a he

Good one LOL! That's surely one way to stand out; don't make stupid assumptions. Glad to see people like you around! :)

108- dude....seriously? It was JUST explained.

109 - What the **** are you talking about? **** guys, I just asked a straight forward question that I'm sure a few other people were wondering about too.

No, only that other guy who couldn't possibly have read the previous comments :/ Some people just ask before they think. Other than you two, no one else was asking that soooo...

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Just throwing it out there that my phone's browser doesn't display the gender or username of the OP. So I just stay quiet and wait for comments.

The mobile site,, does not displayusernames or gender symbols.

122- Smart man! Or woman… ironic that the topic is over confusion of gender and your profile denies such information. Haha

Why not download the FREE app? It's FREE and quite handy.

148- I don't THINK!! That the FML App is available on BlackBerry's and phones like that, again I don't think they do. I view this on an iPhone and I see the Users.

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My amusement for the whole day is on this thread.

Alan, I'm sorry to observe that riding your motor cycle like Tom Cruise didn't turn out so well, get better soon!

My friends galaxy doesn't show it neither does the torch but my iPhone does.

Stupidity? Seriously, you need to chill out a bit. I read the FML and commented on my cell phone which doesn't feature a gender symbol. I then went on my iPod and saw the replies referring to the symbol at the top corner. I don't know what was stupid about the question. Some devices don't have that feature, including my crappy cell. I think you may want to refer to stupidity to the fact that my phone does not have many features. Not everyone has an iPhone or the same display of FML. I apologize to anyone I might've possible "annoyed".

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Some things are better left unknown. ..

I take it that doesn't run in the family then?

Oh no it does run in the family. That's why he was watching the video, so he could find out if he had a problem

Yeah I had a blonde moment. A major gender-bending blonde moment. In guy form

Well, glad all of you guys are checking out my profile. Also - I don't go to U of O, sorry. There are several other post-secondary schools in Ottawa.

120) I would say not, but if your parents are stupid and you're raised by said "parents." then there is a good chance you'll end up stupid. 135) say what?

134- Oh, hello Strider, what are you doing on FML? I figured you would be strifing or talking to John and drinking some apple juice. Way to catch comment 134 btw

Sometimes it's better NOT to investigate.

LoL nothing just assumed I found another person from the university of Ottawa on here. That's all.

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She wanted to know the a answer not that it was him :p

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I want to work at a mental health hospital too

I regretted my comment but can't delete. Sorry.

Sorry is not a valid answer, you will be buried for wasting comment 4 >=]

Well that's not an honest statement, that's an opinion. If you stated that you thought child molesters were cool, that would be true provided you really did think that; if that's the case, I applaud your honesty, but you might need to get some help. :P

I find them cool... After they are shot.

Why would you randomly watch videos from the 80s on sexual dysfunctions?

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Because they're some of the only videos that address crippling masturbation. Wait... oh no!

Because sometimes boredom gets that intense.

I was wondering it aswell and then I thought was it a video on YouTube or an actual old video tape on a VHS?

5- I know the FML doesn't give reason to believe this, but my first guess was that OP was in a sex ed class.

Sometimes in sex Ed classes out have to watch videos about stuff like that. I did.

The new version of National Geographic. First glimpse at boobs for some children.

You know you have been down the black hole that is YouTube before!

"so how what did you learn in school today, honey?"

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tsent8 15

And how the **** does that have anything in common with the fml except that it happened in health class and it disappoints you? Please next time just write an fml instead of putting it on a top comment.

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76- Oh, shut up. #75 was replying to the OP of this specific thread (#6) by acting like #6 was asking HIM the question.

You learn something new everyday. Anyways, show some support for him, he must've had some pretty hard times back then.

I think there was only one thing that was "hard" during his childhood.

I'd do the same if I was in his shoes, I'm overly curious, I guess it's just one of those things that make us who we are.

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It still had another eight lives after that.... but after this FML, I'm sure it wish it didn't

Curiosity killed the ability for her to look her father in the eye again.

Curiousity DID in fact kill the cat. But the satisfaction brought it back.