By ohgodwhy - 27/11/2012 23:46 - Canada - Brampton

Today, a customer at the Walmart I work at had a hissy fit and began throwing merchandise everywhere, including at my face, because we are Canadian and don't have a show called "Extreme Couponing" for "devoted shoppers" like her. FML
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Right_in_Two 5

Did you tell her to grab her shit and get out?

She's already at Walmart. Can't really get any cheaper than that.


The customers always right... Jks kill them

Right_in_Two 5

Did you tell her to grab her shit and get out?

SpikyG 3

14-assault is a little, okay, VERY extreme. Throw her out, ban her from the store, have her pay for any damages she may have caused, but physical abuse isn't deserved.

14- is someone a little bitter? You wanna talk about it...? [patronizing tone should be obvious.]

3-off topic here, that dog in your profile picture is freaking adorable. That is all. *still wants to pet the puppy really badly*

I know! 3 and 5's puppies could get together for a play date. Edit- just read 5's puppy ran away :(

starburst7596 14

Apparently you guys have never been told the stereotype of Cabadians being overly polite.

88- sorry I haven't… do you mean Canadians?

Right_in_Two 5

37-Yeah, I was somehow able to have him sit still for the picture. xD

You get a thumb up for the Jeff Dunham reference!

starburst7596 14

Seriously guys? I accidentally put a b instead of an n. Calm the crap down!

And that my friends is one of the perks to working in customer service (says I in a sarcastic voice).

Meh, I work at Walmart and Customer Service can be just as bad if not worse at times. Edit: Oh I see you were being sarcastic.

loserboii 11

She sounds devoted to making the employees go crazy.

Who doesn't want/need 30 gallons of soy sauce for only 13 cents?

She's already at Walmart. Can't really get any cheaper than that.

Incredibly true. My home is 15 minutes away from the 2nd largest Walmart in the world only behind one in China and my mother worked there part time for a few summers (she's a teacher so yeah) and she said how they always cut all these corners getting lower quality stuff so they could sell them for less and still make huge profit. I will never buy anything but food from there because its the only thing that's untouched, but still cheap.

Well luckily for us, my husband and I are military [may have contributed to my lack of humor xP], so we get to shop tax-free on base. Pretty awesome since I'm still earning degrees which are incredibly overpriced :S

Military discount in the USA is 50% on parts at Mercedes Benz dealerships. FYI for everyone with a Mercedes and buying dealer parts.

28-I doubt I'll ever rock a Benz. I will not be THAT person. Besides, I love my VWs :)

Lucky! I'm from New York State so I have to deal with the ******* ridiculous taxes her. We usually go to Massachusetts for cloths shopping if we can though. Oh and thank you for your service!

How much is your tax? Here it's 13%. Nova Scotia is 22% I think.

We debated asking for a base on the NE coast because I love it there, but my husband hates snow. The taxes there are insane. Of the times I have been in the area, I have NEVER shopped there. And I'll definitely pass on the thanks :)

44- holy shit! I have a friend in Halifax. I never knew it was so expensive! I used to live in FL and it was around 6% there. Not much higher where I am now, about 9%

I believe it is Nova Scotia. I could have it mixed up with one of the other Atlantic provinces. I know one of them is (22+/-2)%

That's because Alberta has no pst. You guys with all your oil and stuff. But I've never seen an Alberta city #1 most livable city. ;)

im not sure of the exact number. but I know it is near one of the highest tax rates in America, but I believe California has the highest. and I am going to school 30 minutes away from the canadian border. I have family that lives even closer and they always shop in Ontario because of how much cheaper it is.