By ok cool / Tuesday 13 October 2015 01:53 / United States - Fayetteville
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  OysterPearls  |  33

I don't know about OP's situation, but in my house, the bathroom door is easily unlocked with a small flat object like a fingernail or a coin. So even locking it won't prevent surprise visits from my mom, or anyone else in my family for that matter.

  OysterPearls  |  33

Yeah, she only does it when she needs something out of the bathroom though. We store a lot of our hair products and such in my bathroom, since it has more storage space, so it makes it necessary for her to pop in every once in a while.


Bathroom door locks are meant to be easily unlocked for the obvious reason that they are meant to keep people from walking in not to actually secure the room from people trying to force entry and in case of emergency not require a key, locksmith , or kicking in a door and hurting the person inside. Also I doubt OPs mom is popping the lock as that would definitely be mentioned.

By  Welshite  |  39

"Now, honey, I know you missed yesterday's scheduled poo, so I'm going to buy some prune juice for you. We can't have you skipping. It's not healthy."

  doodlecloud  |  26

Not sure why this is voted down. One or two times sucks, but OP shouldn't have let this become a regular thing. They need to let their mum know that this is not okay. Sure OP's living under her roof but there are limits, and OP's mum should have some basic decency and understanding of privacy. It's not outrageous to expect to go to the bathroom in peace.


I guess it's voted down for how hostile it comes across.
I could have worded my comment better, but the main point stands.
We don't know what OP's culture is, so suggesting he move out might not be within his cultural boundaries.
Also, I said what I said because, regardless of culture, privacy is privacy. Going to the restroom is a private thing, and having your mom, dad, sister, etc. there isn't normal. Unless OP is a child and needs the help of his parent(s)?, but he is 23 lol

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