By laury - 09/05/2012 02:05 - Canada - Port Elgin

Today, my boyfriend informed me that I look like my dad when I orgasm. FML
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Sometimes i get gray hair and a full beard when I ****** too.


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Does it matter? He's picturing a man when he looks at her.

you totally missed the point, hey 6?

omgcookeys 15

Oh, sorry, I really shouldn't have assumed, huh? (ps, I'm being sincere about my apology, it's not laced with sarcasm or anything like that)

Oh I was just saying with a name of 'Laury', it's possible that OP is a guy.

FMLshark 12

I just pretend OP is a girl. Makes this even more enjoyable to read.

ss_20_xx 14

But yeah most probably OP is a guy.

It's the BF that I'm more concerned about. He obviously doesn't know that he's screwing a polyjuiced Dumbledore. Always knew Albus had a kinky side underneath all that beard.

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50 - neither, that would be a mom and her lesbian lover...

Well played 50. I am lucky enough to NOT have had an experience like this, will be fun at the next family dinner!

It would be 2 moms! It's not called a mom and her lesbian lover!! What's wrong with you. Geez. I'm sure 2 moms are wonderful to have. Stop bashing gay people.

I want to say we're safe to assume there's no guy named Laury.

I want to say we're safe to assume there's no guy named Laury.

64, Gwyneth Paltrow named her baby apply and Jay-Z's baby is Blue!

Judging by the fact that he sees the ops face when he/she orgasams it makes more likely it's a girl Unless they watch each other **********

ErickM123 3

hahahaha thats true man. and disgusting

winning11 0

Well thought out 121. That cleared it up

That is utterly disturbing for OP and her boyfriend.

FMLshark 12

OP is most likely a guy, given their username is "laury".

Yeah. That is very gross. I'm sorry OP but I don't think you can help this in any way. You can't help how you look when you ******. Why are people saying YDI?

She could always try to make a duckface when she orgasms to change it a bit

34) because somewhere out there there's always an idiot that does not get the full concept of an FML, or just votes YDI and FYL because they're just darn right full of stupidity.

2- if Op's dad is Chuck Norris, both you and Op's boyfriend are screwed.

85 I usually don't comment on profile pictures, but your picture is funny as hell!

I find the funniest crap on the Internet. I may change it.

Brandon2916 9

Doesn't matter, ha-... Oh, wait... Yeah, that kinda does matter...

All the rage comic memes make me sad inside.

#3, let me try to speak in your language: Tried to be funny -> FAIL

_lilla_valora_ 7

3- that joke is getting old.

36-As much as I agree with you, the virus wont die. There will always be at least one idiot out there who can't grasp the fact that it is overused and no longer funny.

Calm down its a joke nobody really cares

106 - Well, judging from the furies of comments, I suppose people do care.

My gf looks funny when she does too, but I never said anything because it's mean if I do

It's very true. Plus you save a lot of anguish by not saying "you look like your father..." that must not go over well with any girl.

4- I think guys should definitely keep those comments to themselves. Like I said before, it def makes girls feel self conscious. This is the best way to ensure that you don't get laid anytime soon. Your crying-seizure faces aren't that cute either. And sometimes, your balls look like a pair of old deflated balloons and your penises are creepy up close, like an alien creature. But we deal. Sometimes, even with a smile on our face.

I wouldn't want to hear it in the middle ofsex but I actually do look like my dad... Minus the sideburns and seventies mustache. He was very handsome though :P OP if you want to ruin your boyfriend's day, tell him he sounds like his mom when he has an ******.

*hands 4 a sticker* You're doing the whole boyfriend thing right, son.

KiddNYC1O 20

44- With a smile on your face and **** on your ****.

Lol. What is this '****' you speak of?

How would your boyfriend know? (I read this as if the boyfriend sees OP's dad ******!)

That would only make sense if OP wrote ' my dad when he orgasms.' Your comment is of little value.

22cute 17

That was my first thought too, #5

I think the OP meant her O face makes her look like her dad.... Not her dads O face.

RedPillSucks 31

It's much much funnier if he meant the Dads O face. To which, I would respond "How can you see the dads face when he's behind you?"

.... Or son it could be in this case.

But op's name is laury. I don't know many guys named laury.

Well 60, if that's the case and the boyfriend is not implying that that is what his father looks like when he orgasms, then It wouldn't be as much of an FML

Well 80, if you don't know that many guys named laury, that means you do know of at least one guy named laury, right?

Tell him, "Father will hear about this"

If you have nice lookin dad then you have nothing to worry about

I sincerely hope he doesn't mean you look like your dad when HE orgasms. Because that would bring up all kinds of awkward questions.

Sometimes i get gray hair and a full beard when I ****** too.