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  ambowew  |  7

It's the BF that I'm more concerned about.

He obviously doesn't know that he's screwing a polyjuiced Dumbledore.

Always knew Albus had a kinky side underneath all that beard.

  Metteris  |  0

It would be 2 moms! It's not called a mom and her lesbian lover!! What's wrong with you. Geez.
I'm sure 2 moms are wonderful to have. Stop bashing gay people.

  auzz1_pride  |  9

34) because somewhere out there there's always an idiot that does not get the full concept of an FML, or just votes YDI and FYL because they're just darn right full of stupidity.

  RussianFox  |  13

36-As much as I agree with you, the virus wont die. There will always be at least one idiot out there who can't grasp the fact that it is overused and no longer funny.

  br0ccoli  |  14

4- I think guys should definitely keep those comments to themselves. Like I said before, it def makes girls feel self conscious. This is the best way to ensure that you don't get laid anytime soon.

Your crying-seizure faces aren't that cute either. And sometimes, your balls look like a pair of old deflated balloons and your penises are creepy up close, like an alien creature. But we deal. Sometimes, even with a smile on our face.

  Crazberry  |  5

I wouldn't want to hear it in the middle ofsex but I actually do look like my dad... Minus the sideburns and seventies mustache. He was very handsome though :P
OP if you want to ruin your boyfriend's day, tell him he sounds like his mom when he has an orgasm.