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Today, I was walking through the mall with my husband. We came across a guy who was selling some weight loss pills. He tried to sell me some and I kindly declined. He told me not to deny my weight problems. Thanks. I'm 7 months pregnant. FML
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The best thing you can do is move on.. I mean there's no way this ****** up your life. You and your hubby know you're not fat so that's all that matters. Congrats on the baby. :)

Train your baby to be a ninja assassin and come see that guy again in a few more months.


She just got insulted by a random nobody while she was pregnant... Yes, it is a "big deal"

I agree, at least you don't actually have a weight problem

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I don't think it's a big deal. Just tell him that you're pregnant and make him look like an idiot.

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just smack him up side the head lol

Yeah, not really a big deal but I can see how it might ruin your day if you were already self-conscious of the weight you've gained during your pregnancy, especially since you're hormonal.

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just say "no thank you, I'm pregnant"

i agree wheres the fml ... so what the guy's a dumbass

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eh he was just a stupid salesman tring to sell some crap that probaly dosent work anyway. best wishes to you and your baby.

It would be worse if you weren't pregnant and had to lie to make yourself look better... this isn't really an FML

Yeah... this isn't really an FML. you're not fat, just pregnant!

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not an fml cause he just didn't know you were pregnant he thought you were fat no big deal his mistake.

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you people need to stfu.... just what qualifies as an FML? because you all say that it's not, so then what is. 'i have cancer, FML', yeah, that'd make the site hell fun hey. get over it. and TapeMan_3000, "no big deal, he thought you were fat his mistake".... it's not the fact he thought she was fat, but more the fact he was a big enough asshole to say she shouldn't deny it. so all of you saying it's not an FML......... drop dead. kthxbi :)

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You can't blame your problems on your kids.

@56 FML stands for **** My Life. This situation doesn't make the OPs life ******. It is therefore not an FML.

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"The site is a recollection of everyday anecdotes likely to happen to anyone. They are published on the site and written exclusively by our users. This site is a place to “let it all out” and unwind by sharing those little things that screw with your day; it allows you to realize that you are not alone. Posts are meant to start by 'Today' and end by 'FML'. The site aims to be fun to read everyday." The stories on FML aren't supposed to be life destroying tragedies, just "little things that screw your day". So #78 fails!

shoulda told him that a coathangers would be a better weightloss "supplement" for the kind of weight you've put on. plz don't rage at me, it IS funny... (Abortion, it brings out the kids in us...)

that is no big deal ur pregnant u get called fat u will get called fat because u look fat

nbd. he worka at a mall, no duh he alredy looks bad.

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#56. Jeez, calm down. I don't see any comments up there that say that this is not an FML. They said it wasn't a big deal or were asking where was the FML in this. There's no need to get all angry. Relax.

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i just think he's amazingly retarded to think that just because a person's belly area is big, that means she has a weight loss problem and then INSISTS on it by saying "don't deny it" as if he is intelligent and wants to help her out.

shayyyyy 0

don't take it personally all those guys care about are selling the product since most of them work on commision

#17 ur such an idiot women are supposed to be fat when they are pregnant otherwise if ur where skinny an pregnant the kid would basically starve to death, get some commen sense asshole

Why do you care? He's just a plain idiot

I just don't get how this is a really bad thing? She got mistaken for being fat when she was just pregnant. No biggie.

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yeah at least it wasn't the other way around.

That's horrible! I hope you told that sales person where to go!

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The best thing you can do is move on.. I mean there's no way this ****** up your life. You and your hubby know you're not fat so that's all that matters. Congrats on the baby. :)

ravensunnyd 0

yeah it would have been more of an fml if the husband agreed with him

Just because you're pregnant doesn't necessarily mean you're not overweight~

Whether or not, having got to seven months without any pregnancy issues it's probably better for her not to start any weight loss until after the baby is born. She doesn't need any additional stress. If she and her husband have both been happy with her weight then there's no issue at all.

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hey it's better than being called pregnant when your actually fat.

I agree. This would never have happend if she stayed in the kitchen.

you shouldn't leave the arcade fat bastard. I hope you never find a woman that loves you.

really? because I am ******* sick of this stay in the kitchen shit. it's not funny and if it was at one time that was longgg ago and now it's just old.

# 9 & 29 you sons of bitches I hate ur freakin comments about woman that they should have " just stayed in the kitchen where they belong" why don't you just crawl in a grave where you belong cuz woman are not meant for that.

Lol I'm female and those comments don't bother me, they are quite funny. You bitches just need to relax, and laugh once in awhile. So fkn uptight.

Oh god, the things people would do to make a sell. I've got crazy stories.

Crazier than this wild and hilariously exciting post? Hard to believe it can be topped.

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at least u have a good excuse!

n this is an fml because that one particular guy thought that u r over weight , if so then then why didn't u just tell him , that u were pregnant n he shuld shove those up his (), There problem solved, what's the big deal ???

Train your baby to be a ninja assassin and come see that guy again in a few more months.