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Today, my wife filed for divorce after 15 years of being married. Oh, and to rub salt in the wounds, she decided to exclude me from the cruise her parents paid for us to go on. FML

F your ex-husband's life!

  TrekkieGirl  |  0

I'm guessing the OP might be taking someone else along on the cruise...seeing as her husband was just

Although, the fact that he was only concerned about whether or not he would still get the free trip and not why she wanted a divorce, tells me he had checked out of the relationship long before getting the official word from her.

  nordies4  |  0

why are people saying that he was a jerk to her it never says that just because he is a man doesn't mean the divorce was because of him maybe the OP was cheating on him.......

  xokanaxo  |  0

maybe the husband cheated or beat on her. no one knows why they are getting a divorce. but after 15 years spent together he doesn't even care, all he cares about is a vacation, that must say he has something else going on in the sidelines. and if she was off cheating I think he'd be mad and not want to go on the vaction. he sounds like a bum looking for a free ride. fyl

  woofis  |  0

um the fml? he obviously doesn't give a shit so u will have a nice smooth divorce. unless ur just a stuck up bitch and was offended by the fact that he doesn't have the hots for u anymore even though u don't care about him either I fail to see the fml.

  youthink_fml  |  0

What's up with, again, all the bitches saying he's an asshole, with no evidence, just because he's the guy? He's obviously not too heartbroken losing her. Maybe she's been the asshole. Newsflash - women can be assholes too, and many are.

  marvin_fml  |  0

Maybe he just cares more about spending time with his kids on vacation than he does about the OP.
The op is the b*tch here, divorcing him just before a planned family vacation.

  The_NZA  |  0

@12 how can you just assume he's an asshole? I bet if it was the reverse and a guy asked for the divorce and a woman responded with that question you would come up with some bullshit reason it was the mans fault and that the woman was justified in asking that question.

Also, it is a family cruise so maybe he was actually worried about still getting to spend time with his kids if they have any and not just thinking he wanted to get a free cruise.

Also, he can say whatever the fuck he wants she just told him she's divorcing him.

  noscope_ftw  |  0

wow all you people saying he doesn't care. uh how about she's the one wanting a divorce? nowhere did it say he cheated, she just said she wanted a divorce. so I fail to c why he's being a jerk when she's the one who is ending it...

By  mercedeslove  |  0

Definitely not. Tell him you had to put up with 15 years of his endless shit and you're not about to be stuck on a boat with him. If he wants to go on a cruise so badly he can have his parents pay for one and he can go ALONE!

What a moron, I can see why you are leaving him.

  dangerdale  |  0

god damn you have some issues you have no idea what happened in their marriage. maybe the wife cheated on him and they couldn't repair it and maybe he was so stunned he couldn't think of anything else to say. how about you try not to be a douche next time

  KennyDidIt  |  9

Er, how do you know the OP had to put up with any shit from her husband? For all we know, she could be leaving him for someone else because she just lost interest in him. Granted, his reaction is weird, but that doesn't mean that he's a total ass and the rift is all his fault.

  28actress  |  22

You sound like an extreme man hating feminist. As a woman with an actual heart, I think you make us all look bad. Maybe he wanted to go in hopes to patch things up while there

  containsnosoy  |  0

Besides, he didn't argue the divorce, so what's your problem? Are you upset over his lack of emotion? Because hey, you are the one divorcing him remember.. Idk, you've taken a simple reaction and spun it into an unnecessary FML moment.