By mariah_1_11 - United States
Today, I was supposed to go on a date with a guy I really like. My friends convinced me that he was going to stand me up and that I should just stay home to avoid being hurt. He showed up; I didn't. My friends laughed at my gullible nature. FML
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  happyhak  |  5

YDI big time. What do your friends know? Unless they had some hard hitting evidence, then you are just plain stupid and dont deserve to be in a relationship!

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

There's not really much to say here, #1 summed it up nicely. OP, you are either a complete and utter fool, have no self-esteem, or both. I'd say both; like a miserable sheep, you didn't even put up a fight.

If you are not willing to take chances and risk getting hurt, you won't find love (which is well as you don't deserve it). Apologize to the bloke but don't bother dating till you work on you a bit.

Hmm, I guess there was a lot to say.

  TrekkieGirl  |  0

This should be and FML for the guy that you stood up, but I'd say he got off lucky.

It is not the OP friends fault that she took their stupid advice and stood up a guy that she liked. Hopefully, she wouldn't go jump off a bridge if they "convinced" her too.

This is not an FML! This is a if you are too dumb to think for yourself, then you can't complain when you get screwed.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agreed, TrekG, but if OP is too dumb to think for herself, HL is F'ed. I wonder if she calls them her friends but they call her "that idiot at school that does whatever we tell her to."

Sorry if this all sounds a bit harsh, OP, but you need a serious wake up call.

  mariah_1_11  |  22

Ok, just to clarify, they did have info. He'd done it to a few girls and was known for using girls for sex. He was my dads friends son so I didn't know him well except what my I'd seen of him around parentols.
I do have extreme low self esteem. I've been in counseling for a while now but I just can't seem to get over it.
I tend to fall for guys that do nothing but hurt me. When I talked to him later and we worked this out. A few weeks later when he found out I wouldn't put out he dumped me. So... Looks like my friends were right, but I agree I still feel bad about it to this day.

  mariah_1_11  |  22

Well I was young and dumb. But after him and I worked it out, he proved to be just as cruel when he ended it because I wouldn't put out (this was like junior year or something of high school). I'd never been in a relationship and relied on my friends for help. Instead, they manipulated me. It's not a moment I'm proud of but lesson learned.

By  adamsk1  |  0

the only things in life you should regret are the things you didn't do and wanted to. you may have just passed an amazing opprotunity by because of your so called friends. it's better to be stood up by someone and have ppl saying I told you so than to be going through life wondering what could have been. good job!!! ydi for being dumb

  talur024  |  0

I agree with #11. Stay as far away from your "friends" as possible, they obviously don't give a crap about you. And be sure to tell the boy you were an idiot for believing them.

By  _RobotInDisguise  |  0

I don't understand why you would do that - did your 'friends' claim to have info you didn't (eg: "X told Y he was gonna stand you up!"), or were they saying he obviously wouldn't want to date you?
Either way you should ditch these b*tches, but seriously YDI for not having faith in the guy.