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  sweetbliss3  |  37

people can say what they want, just let it roll off of you. my issue is why is she that close, and why would she think it's okay to touch someone, especially their stomach?!

By  species4872  |  19

That's the way people used to act. People used to be friendly and people use to touch each other without being paranoid about it. As it was, Assault by touching someone had to have intent to do harm.
That' how it was, and a lot of older people still do it.

  PhoenixChick  |  26

Well, yes, people from previous generations used to think it was okay to rub a woman's stomach if discussing babies. And pregnant women from previous generations also HATED IT. Seriously, you can find Dear Abby and Ann Landers and Miss Manners all addressing that it is NOT okay to just go up and start rubbing on someone. Having a baby does not make your body public property.

They also comment on the obvious but somehow still needs to be repeated fact- never comment on a strangers weight. And never, never, EVER comment on a woman's weight if a baby is involved.

  species4872  |  19

I wasn't specifically referring to the lady rubbing her stomach but touching in general in a kind, caring way. My original comment was made merely for information with no intent or bias one way or another.

  Druu  |  53

Legally speaking, assault NEVER had an intent requirement. Nor did battery. Perpetrator's intent only serves to increase the degree of the crime, ie turning simple assault into aggravated assault.

  species4872  |  19

Obviously different country. Here we have common law, specifically NSW crimes act 1900 as amended.

By  Jazzalyn  |  10

I think in this situation it's perfectly acceptable to tell her to fuck off and mind her own business. Providing the nephew isn't one of those kids who will remember and repeat things that they shouldn't be saying. Though telling her to mind her own would be okay still, I think.

  Garnetshaddow  |  30

While working as a cashier, I got some weird comments. Not usually about my weight, mostly about my skin. I have anxiety and some ocd issues and I scratch at my skin. (Yes, it's awful. I wish I could keep my skin covered at all times.) Several people asked me about self harm or if I was putting cigarettes out on my skin. I never understood the need to be so rude!

By  AKchic  |  7

"Thanks for your unsolicited and completely unfounded and WRONG opinion".
Ugh. That type of idiot is everywhere. I have quite a few stories on that particular subject myself.

  Bearsmomma  |  30

Me too. When I'm asked one of the idiotic questions about my (un) baby, I say "I'm just fat, thanks for that though" with an ugly fake smile. OMG the look on his/her (usually her) face is priceless. They are so embarrassed and I enjoy every moment of it. When they try apologizing I'm just as sarcastic and rude as I'm walking away, leaving them stuttering and stammering.

By  Garnetshaddow  |  30

I will never understand how people can think this is ok. Why would you ever touch someone you don't know? A few months ago, I had shoulder surgery. A neighbor I barely know saw me in the park the first time I was well enough to walk and greeted me with a hearty clap on the bad shoulder. She wasn't paying attention and didn't see the sling. I was understandably livid. I pretty much feel that way about any unwanted touching, only it isn't causing me as much physical pain. The fat shaming is also very wrong. You don't say shit like that to anybody. Why would you? I am just baffled.