By M95 - 03/03/2010 19:11 - Norway

Today, I'm a 15 year old boy who is bald. Why am I bald? My little brother thought it would be funny to put glue in my hair gel. FML
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IndigoKitty 3

cheer up, could be worse, some 15 year olds are bald because they've got cancer.

How much gel do you use that you had to shave your whole head? sheesh o_o


that's what u get for being an over greased dumbass, u had to have used a lot of hair gel to be bald!

I agree with #4 and also would like to say she is gorgeous

Thank youu [:

mshafty 0

What's with so many FML members commenting on girls attractiveness so much recently. Every thread it seems like someone is telling some girl "OMG best comment ever & your so HOT! Not to say #4 or any of these other posters don't deserve the comments, but what are the commenters expecting to happen. Do you guys think these women are going to rip all their clothes off and have cyber sex with you right here and now! or in your wildest fantasy's they're actually going to travel and fuck you in your parents basement??? This is FML! If you guys want to try to pick up teenage girls on the internet, my space is calling your name!!

"Not to say #4 or any of these other girls deserve these comments" is a nice, subtle way of being a hypocrite. :P

FMyLifeCereal 0

mmm that sky in your pic is really hot

NeonWar__ 0

#60 some people just like to compliment. doesn't mean anymore! get over it and stop ranting about crap.

PedoBearSaysYES 0

;) hypocryts make the world go round and also get laid more : D

fcukyoudoug 0

Wowww, kids calling girls Hot REALLY bothers you huh, hahaha

i think it would be more funny if that happens to u!

saying "today" at the beginning doesn't make any sense

Zigma_fml 0

It's the default FML template. You'll see a lot of FMLs that don't make sense with the word "today" at the beginning. Instead of doing the tedious task of changing around their statement to make sense, most people just put what first comes to mind.

Horney4her69 0

funny kid

mn_mpls 0

ur brothers stupid everyone knows ur supposed to use nair in their shampoo

ok well elmers glue comes right out and i dont think your little brother used superglue, so this is more like a FakeML

Melkezidech 0

Sibling win....

I agree. A hot shower and a shampoo should've taken it all off, or just hot water. This is most likely fake, otherwise the OP is truly a retard.

alleyx3 0

they make everyone say today before they write a fml. didn't you notice?

mrbuddy 0

Bet you look like Aang now.

that's exactly what i was thinking.. i was bald from alopecia when i was 13 and it was horrible. yeah, and i'm a girl. this guy needs to grow a pair and quit whining.

ydi for using gel in your hair like a douche

Jrook 0

did your hair stay in shape?

GeoThermalSleuth 0

@86 He should Color in a Giant Blue Arrow on his head with Sharpie.

Your brother was right. Hilarious. What's up with all the Norway posts lately?

MF12 0

lol that's exactly what I was going to say

rachel7482 0

score one for the little one with glue!

jamieeeee 0

you're a dumb ass... glue washes out... ha wow. fake.

if that ever happened to me, I would cut them. then shave them bald.

there's something called taking a shower?

@86: Get the blue arrow tatooed onto your forehead.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

Good Side: u cab say u have cancer and get great treatment Bad Side: they might find out and bust ur nuts

NicholasShreds 0

I agree with everyone else. It should come out with a hot shower. YDI if you cut your hair off anyway.

exactly what I was thinking!!

xosKsxo 0

YDI???? what's that mean

xosKsxo 0

jgelzz?jsspell? hey babe it's schnapppple:)

how would you not notice the smell of the glue or the feeling of it on your hands. plus you deserve it for being a tool who gels up his hair.

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

YDI = You deserve(d) it.

86 nice avatar the last airbender ref:3 RI

This is sparta!

skittles222 0

Omg my sister used nair but used on herself by accident. it was awful for her. please don't do that to anyone!

he ages by day... today he's 15, tomorrow 16.... so on! lol

boyguydudemalema 0

ahahahahahaha he thought right!! it is funny 

who gives a shit you fucking whore

austo97 0

your hot!

amiamazing 0

you're a dumbass, people do mohawks with regular glue.

#86 and #106 are WINS because they made mention of Avatar, which is also a WIN.. :)

And the thing is, if he did get Aang's Avatar markings and showed up at my school, he would not be picked on. He would be worshipped.

another way to say "I f-ing hate ur hair"

deanomiye 0

your a dumb ass, wat do u wandlt him to do just shave the top of his hair off and leave the rest?? think before u speak

you deserved it for having hair short enough that you can use gel. grow out your fucking hair.

the 'today' is automatically generated, it advises that the post was written today

OP is not bald because the said hair gel/glue combo made him lose his hair, he had to shave his head because he couldn't get it un-stuck

Sun_Kissed18 25

It might be to us, but would you like to lose your hair? Personally, I like my hair, but everyone is different

I agree with your brother. I think thats pretty funny [:

haha that's so funny luckily boys hair grows fast

IndigoKitty 3

cheer up, could be worse, some 15 year olds are bald because they've got cancer.

Getting glue in your hair gel is way worse than cancer.

I hope you get both.

angelkissezxox 3

not true, if they smell its not cause of there hair gel. you can get a good smelling gel. you must attract the amelly ones

Monikabug 9

Lol Snick! I totally agree with the bald boys comment, however considering his broter is younger, and the OP only 15, I doubt the little brother shaves his balls. So instead OP, maybe you could take the cayenne and just shove it in his eye! ;P FYL though!

tweetbaby14 18

today, I am a boy complaining on fml that I am bald. when it's not abnormal for guys to be bald. why am I alive? FML

Lethario14 0

#5 agree thiz iz way better than cancer!

This. Shave your head and you'll look tuff

ghadir 2


are you serious?

Yes. Cancer kids get Make A Wish Foundation and meet celebrities, all the OP gets is looking like a Natalie Portman ripoff circa V For Vendetta.

AmericanGirl69 0

wow not all cancer kids make it out alive. hair grows back, but dead kids can't come back. you're pretty selfish.

akeller3298 1

how could you even THINK of saying that , that was a selfish and dumbass move , seriously , some people with cancer DIE no celebrity meeting can bring them back , get over yourself and think about someone else for a change.

Thats not even funny. Stfu dumb slut.

Yeah... glue... that's exactly what it was... ;) *looks at the bin full of used tissues* Yep! Just good ol' ordinary glue... ;)

do the same to you brother......

Nail polish on his lips? haha That's a new one for me.

put nair in his shampoo bottle :D

loludeserveit 0


Osakhomen 0

yeah, except when it gets in his eyes, he'll probably go blind.

PsychoMerk 0

put glue in his underwear ;) or his food -_-

kikiss_j 0

lol #6 but tht sucks balls

Lethario14 0

#5 I agree this is way btr than cancer

IcyHot in his tighty whities.