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Today, I ran into an old friend at the store with my infant daughter. As we caught up, she assured me that I could get rid of all my baby weight from the pregnancy. If only I had actually been pregnant. My wife carried her and looks fantastic. FML
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Hey, you have a hot wife, a beautiful daughter, and a great life. It's not all bad. And I'm sure you're lovely too!

OP is clearly a woman. Her friend made an honest mistake, because I think most of us are still so used to heterosexual relationships, especially when we think of babies. It does suck that she brought up the baby weight under that assumption, because I'm sure it was awkward if OP actually corrected the friend...


Hey, you have a hot wife, a beautiful daughter, and a great life. It's not all bad. And I'm sure you're lovely too!

How would you know what either she or her daughter look like???

The OP said her wife looks "fantastic." It's reasonable to assume the wife is hot, at least in OP's perspective.

I think the fantastic was to imply that the wife looks fantastic weight-wise, not necessarily being hot.

Everyone is beautiful in one way or another

There's a certain beauty to evil megalomaniacs, don't you think?

"I'm sure you're lovely too OP." A FML commentor's favorite phrase. You have no idea what she looks like...

Only the beauty that becomes movies or TV shows. Though I guess you could say he was a beautiful politician? He was certainly brilliant in that regard.

#64 I am certain there are/were people out there that find/found that type of man attractive. As long as you don't look into the flat black eyes of psychopathy. That's not a good look on anybody.

Sorry for my ignorance, but is OP a man or a woman? If you're a man, then your "friend" is an idiot, but if you're a woman this makes a lot more sense

I'm 100% positive OP is a woman considering the fact that men can't get pregnant, and the fml shows that they're a woman

Like I said, her friend could've been an idiot. I read the fml wrong so didn't notice she's a woman

I don't think you realize how many things are wrong with your train of logic, #7.

I know a man who's been pregnant and had an abortion. Let's not erase transpeople.

Yes, men CAN get pregnant. But people wouldn't assume that, so it's pretty obvious from the FML that the OP is a woman, even without the gender marker.

I dunno, when I first read it both scenarios worked in my mind. OP is obviously a woman, but if OP were a man, the friend could've just been making a really dumb joke, like how we joke about men with beer bellies being pregnant.

There is a woman's head in the top left corner

OP is clearly a woman. Her friend made an honest mistake, because I think most of us are still so used to heterosexual relationships, especially when we think of babies. It does suck that she brought up the baby weight under that assumption, because I'm sure it was awkward if OP actually corrected the friend...

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Well, whether you like it or not, the "norm" is changing.

Homosexual relationships are also normal ones, 11. Gfy.

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Please don't turn this into a site like tumblr

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KazikPalec, please don't embarrass Poland with your comments

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Yse, narutally. All of thesse home of seckuals are inivting TERRORRISTS inot AMERICA, we need to stop the EPIDEMIC, these are not nromal relashionships!,!

Even with a growing acceptance of same-sex relationships, I think the default is to assume heterosexuality until informed otherwise. It took a quick look at OP's gender, and then I realized, she's a woman married to another woman who just gestated their daughter.

And there I was thinking FML was a site free from people's ignorant comments

35, your point is completely and utterly moot, even IF the research you claimed were legitimate. Sexual reproduction and romantic relationships are completely independent of one another, as romantic relationships are not legitimized by reproduction. And even if they were, your definition of 'normal' then excludes all relationship statuses void of reproduction, including those who are sterile or voluntarily relinquish reproduction. I hope you realize that you just called every infertile reproductive cancer survivor's romantic relationships abnormal. You strike me as the sort of bigot who will perform any kind of illogical mental gymnastics to pitifully cling to your absurd and laughable opinions.

There's actually no way you can be this idiotic. At all. Granted, I may be a little bias on the situation as I, myself, have a wonderful girlfriend... but I am actually laughing at your thought that for a relationship to be considered normal, you must be able to reproduce. Is that really what you're going with? So, and just enlighten me here, what are you going to tell the man who is sterile and wishing to have a child with his wife? Is he abnormal too, by your definition? You're annoying. Please refrain from reproducing. Thank you.

Actually, 35, it is indeed possible for those in a homosexual relationship to have their own kids. Granted, if both are males a surrogate is required, but the child can have both parents' DNA through an amazing new process. Therefore, your entire argument is further invalidated. 37, the only "epidemic" through America is ignorance akin to yours. Here I refer to both your grammar and spelling, and intolerance for other people and stereotyping.

#27 90% of the FML community is straight out of Tumblr and has been for a very lonnnggg time. I just ignore the SJW comments for the most part and focus on the content of the sight which has thankfully stayed good after all these years.

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I thought 37 was mocking 35? I mean ... they started out with some sort of wonky spelling of "yes, naturally" and around 40% or more of sarcastic responses start with "yes, naturally" or "of course, naturally". And I'm unsure anyone could have grammar and spelling that bad while knowing how to read much more than "See Spot Run".

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I have no issue with homosexual relationships, but you all need to understand that it is not "normal." While there is no problem with being gay, it is still a different from the majority and should be elaborated on if you are talking about a homosexual relationship.

Who gives a damn if they can have their own kids or not? Being able to reproduce is not what classifies a relationship as valid, you ignorant shit.

It is normal. I don't consider something abnormal based on whether the opposite is more common. In that case being female or male would be abnormal based on who is more common. It carries a negative connotation, whether you mean it to or not. Especially when people were/are tortured in "conversion camps" because they're "not normal".

Don't let it get to you. rude comments aside, you just had a baby!

lmao shots fired you shouldve been like "yours might be a little more permanent. Sorry"

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Don't feel bad you have a wife and a kid so that's pretty great. If you want to lose weight just find a way to work into your schedule. You can do it!

Because all us overweight people are overweight because we just can't find the time... Ignorance.

They just had a baby. Pretty sure trying to exercise is not the first thing on OP's mind right now.

I understand that many post-pregnant folk are probably conscious of their increased weight but, damn, that is dumb even if you did carry the baby. "Hey, long time, no see. By the way, I built the person in this stroller." "Don't worry, you'll lose the weight easily!" "Maybe you didn't hear me. I /built/ an entire person. I spun their DNA like thread, copying hundreds of thousands of alleles every second. I broke down plants and animals into microscopic pieces and rearranged them into a human. *******. Being. My creation will grow up to feel a spectrum of emotions and have experie—" "Yeah, but you could always diet!"

Ah don't let it get to ya, otherwise congratulations to you and your wife on your new daughter! Many blessing for all of you!

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It's, uh, sympathetic weight gain? Yeah, that's it.

People may laugh, but that's actually a thing for some couples. Pregnant people produce all sorts of pheromones that have... Interesting effects on those around them.

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Or even just the non-pregnant member may eat more or more junkier food because the pregnant mom is. So if two people normally ate healthy, woman got pregnant and starts eating less healthy food (because of cravings or because she can't stomach healthier food), partner might eat the same kind of food as her because they're eating out more of someone is cooking different food now. Sympathy weight is pretty common.

People who comment on your weight without being prompted need a punch in the face