By anonymous - 06/03/2010 06:10 - United States

Today, I was in my room, in my briefs and texting my girlfriend. Suddenly, I got a massive erection and I decided to take a picture to send her. As soon as my camera phone clicked, my mom walked in. You can see my mom in the picture screaming at me. FML
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This is what happens when you give an idiot any form of technology that has a camera on it.


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you should tell your mom yelling only makes it harder.

lmao ur mom yelled because its so small

omgz I wanna see

loool, cater2u wins bigtime.

ROFLOLL!!!! hahaha omg you should send it anyway hahahah that's fucking hilarious it made my day. reminds me when my dad saw a toppless pic of me and was like 'haley! we don't need that stuff! wait, is that you?!?!'

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I agree, but ydi for wearing whitie tighties, and fyl for having a mom that doesn't knock

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YDI for getting hard while texting...

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that's hilarious

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@25 u seem to be emo....

I agree with 46

59 the correct word is scene. but idk if she is, who cares tho? she's fucking hott! Janet, I love your hair and especially your snakebites :) you're gorgeous.

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Just remember that if you're under 18 then you're in possession of child pornography, and if you send it, you're distributing child pornography. Also if you get caught you become a registered sex offender.

What? Scene and emo are different.

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I wanna see the topless picture of 40... For um... Scientific reasons...

HAHA! it reminds me of 'the Myspace movie' btw I find it sad that people comment on the people who left other comments and say nothing about the OP. butttt in my opinion emo is and isn't the same thing as scene. it's more like two different branches on the alternative limb if the fashion tree. :p

I think it's sad people comment on the OP and not the comment they're replying to. They're called replies for a reason. Don't ecourage people to reply here just so they can say something about the OP.

rofl sorry 74 it's deleted.....I think....

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Lol this was funny but YDI for wearing breifs. Boxers all the way.

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haha I agree with 74

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It's okay, 79. You can take another. :D.... Wait, you're 18 right??

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haha 25 had it right dumbass, it's seem

haha I'll be 18 in July still jailbait :(

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wanna see mine??

Blue_Coconuts 7

Damn... Then in July hit me up, I've always been a sucker for redheads. Especially those with blue eyes... The only reason why I bought the movie "Couples Retreat" was because of Vince Vaughn's "wife"... Hahaha.

ya I wouldn't mind them either ;)

Scene and emo may be different, but they both need to stop. Sometimes girls look cute though.

u deserved forvmaking your mom a sandwich

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@40.I would like to see that pic ;)

Good point 72, OP is in Washington where 3 teens recently got in trouble for exactly that.

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your like amazing. xD

hahaha wow. ydi.

The law that 72 mentioned is complete horseshit. You can get up to 10 years in jail just for 'sexting'. Ever heard of making the punishment fit the crime?

yeahh. okay so not to be like complaining, but why would you send a picture like that to anyone? even if it was your girlfriend. its just a stupid idea, and you will think twice once everyone in the school would have your picture.

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Ahahaha lmao freakin hilarious

EMO is when you cut ur self……………SCENE is when u just look emi but u don't cut ur self dumm ass!

mfmylifesrsly I wanna see you more than topless ;)

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Charlie scene!

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46 you have no idea.... if they were talking about something were that would be appropriate then he wouldve been hard anyway... one time my girlfriend was talking about... certain parts of her anatomy and I sent her a pic of mine haha

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@137 hell yeah! thats what i was think..

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hahaha ohh my geez!! idk wht id do if my parents Saw my nudes even if they were only my Half nudes lolz =O

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you're the dumbass. those are very untrue stereotypes.

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40, ur really cute:)

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will people really stop flirting over the Internet it's pathetic.

there's only one comment to this fml, the rest comment on the comment

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You don't have to hit send, asshat.

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lmfao.. hahahha shut the fuxk up.. that's hilarious..

#90 I third that

lolol fail my friends mom walked in on Him jacking off

if it already clicked when she walked in then she wouldn't be in the picture

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picture or didn't happen!

omg I love you 

126 made me LOL.

Yeah because it's child pornography when he takes a picture of himself.

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what the helll..? the scary part is you know a lot about this.

hahaha ditto!

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let me guess when ur mom walked in u got limp?

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LMFAO. what did your girlfriend say.?

BAHAHAHA! That's like major fail. FYL dude.

That's so funny tho, did you tell your girlfriend?

lmao you deserve it for wearing tighty whiteys

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I know! Boxers or no sex, my friends. Briefs kill the mood.

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bet it looked like she had her mouth open right next to it in the pic ;)

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haha thts hilarious.

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So he got cockblocked and photobombed... all at once!

lmfao, it probably did


hahaa well just lock your door! ad next time record it... they like it better. and u get more in return

people always say lock your door but a lot of doors don't have locks. Only my bathroom door does.

This is what happens when you give an idiot any form of technology that has a camera on it.

hahaha I agree :P

YDI for thinking she really wants a picture of that.

Pics or it didn't happen

Having a parent walk in while you're having an erection is one thing, but while you're also holding a camera...

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ha ydi

hahahah that's so funny