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  jadedwaitress  |  0

I feel for you OP. I have big boobs so finding shirts that don't make me look like I'm 6 months pregnant is hard sometimes. Fuck anyone who asks - even if you weigh 300 lbs it's incredibly rude to ask if a woman is pregnant unless she speaks about it first. I've been everything from 110 lbs to 170 lbs (I'm 5'10") and weight seems to have nothing to do with it. Its just a plethora of stupid people

By  casanova_fml  |  0

#19....why do you feed their egos?

it's not helpful. a) "chunky" is even worse than "fat"....cellulite is disgusting. oi.

I consider what I say to be a public service. The more you insult the land whales, the more prevalent anorexia/bulimia/dieting...the more likely these unappealing people are to die or get in shape... the fewer disgusting people I will see on the beach wearing clothing that is many sizes too small.

Believe it or not, by "loving the skin she is in" you are actually contributing to more issues than you can think. diabetes, poor self esteem, high blood pressure, the inability to walk a block without panting...etc.

being fat is an epidemic that is beginning to become acceptable because people are too sensitive and cowardly to be honest.

By  dol567  |  0 put "anorexia/bulimia" right with 'dieting'. Do you consider those disorders to be GOOD?

(such a delayed comment, sorry, but i was browsing old FMLs)