By fml - 13/11/2013 17:30 - United Kingdom - Haslemere

Today, while shopping for clothes, I asked the assistant to recommend something for me. She took me to the maternity section. Thanks, but I'm not pregnant. FML
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Hmm. Free and honest advice comes in all forms. Perhaps this is a sign? ;p Either way, I imagine that didn't make you feel good about yourself. Sorry Op.

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Next time, do your own shopping. ;P


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Take that as a hint to go to the gym

Agreed, sadly some will say that's not a choice... Cuz neither was the 2nd cheezeburger, extra large cheese fries or super sized soda :o Sorry OP, but +1 for the assistant if your weight is indeed out of control

I don't eat sweets, fatty foods, or high amounts of sugar, yet I am overweight. It isn't always a choice to be overweight, but it is a choice to be a prick about it to others. There are kinder ways to say it.

Sorry, but i don't buy that. Not unless you have a real medical problem. my entire family is fat accept for one person. Me. Why is that? Because i do not eat like any of them. I lost weight, you can too! And you can eat health food (but too much of it) and gain weight. If you like your weight, cool. But don't say you have no control. Empower yourself.

26, I obviously don't know the details about your life, but mentioning types of food does not assist in showing that you know how to handle one's own weight. Sweets, fat foods and the like don't make you gain weight and don't prevent you from losing weight. Taking in more calories than you burn is what makes you gain weight. What types of foods you eat for this is only of secondary concern and starts to matter when you're not just concerned about weight, but rather about the quality of your life. After all, healthy foods make a healthy body, not a slim body. A slim body is achieved by watching and controlling your intake and output. (Healthy food is easier to transform into energy though, which helps in supporting activities that then burn this energy.)

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They call it diet AND exercise for a reason.

I'm gonna be the bad guy and say that it's true that you can't control it, but only sometimes. I gained 20 pounds when I started band camp in August and I was eating a lot less. Now that I'm not marching as much and eating more, I've lost weight (10 pounds). I had no control over that at all. (if I ate less, I would have passed out) sometimes the body is just weird.

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It's beyond me as to why the first comment is -8 and this one is 10. You essentially said the same thing.

Flex for the assistant. Show her who's boss

#38 eating less can have a bad effect if you went to the extreme. Your body can go into starvation mode and store fat, or maybe it lowered your metabolism. Plus you didn't have control of how the food was made. many things can trigger weight gain. I didn't think I ate poorly or overate, but then I got an app where you write everything down and it shows the calories. I was shocked! But now I know.

#39 the way #1 said it was a little more rude than how #35 said it.

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Big_Boss, please stop trolling. I didn't know you were a repeat offender until I backtracked to this FML.

That's a bit of a dick move! Be nice or don't comment at all!!

I work full time at 7-4 everyday i forget to eat anything till im home and then its a sandwich, pasta, jackets or a roast dinner maybe 300-800 calories a day. I hate chocolate and crisps and chips and yet im overweight. So please dont write about How calories count.

It's not only calories it's also how much you eat if it's not a regulated normal amount then your body will start to save up any non used calories as fat that's why you need a healthy regulated diet

It might be a little hint.. But it sucks, OP.

Ya, maybe the assistant was just taking you to wear the clothes would actually fit?

Sorry OP, but I think it's time to lay off the beer. In all seriousness though, if your belly is round like a pregnant belly, you may want to see whats going on. Many people I've met have had bad cysts on their ovaries and on their stomachs. They say its not painful until they burst, or get too large. I highly doubt you have this problem, but if your belly is growing out and round their may be an underlining problem. I'm not a doctor, but I recommend you see one.

Hmm. Free and honest advice comes in all forms. Perhaps this is a sign? ;p Either way, I imagine that didn't make you feel good about yourself. Sorry Op.

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Next time, do your own shopping. ;P

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#21 I do agree, she asked for advice, she got. If I was the assistant I wouldn't of taken her to a section full of medium size clothes, etc. Also, I have a problem, I think there's ghosts in my house. Wanna help me out?

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I always thought you lived in a tire, Michelin man!

Perhaps you had a "glow" and it was nothing to do with your size? Sorry I got nothing!

they always find ways to humiliate you politely

Maybe they don't sell plus sized at that store.

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What an asshole! I can't believe the person would assume you're pregnant! Jerk!

Oh shut up (but since we're typing, just stop)

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Maybe they have something cute in a small enough size that it will fit you

It's kind on insulting even if it does look good. My nana accidentally bought a maternity shirt for my mom and it looks great on her but she refuses to wear it because of the label.

That's...just sad really. That doesn't need to matter if we don't let it