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Today, my husband wants me to apologize for getting angry when his father told me I'm getting so fat that I look like a whale. I'm not fat, I'm just 8 months pregnant. FML
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You will loose the baby weight, he will always be a ********.

mattmsk005 8

Did your husband not talk to his father in the last 8 months, because being pregnant is a pretty big thing you usually bring up in conversation?


First: sorry i had too btw that sucks I wouldn't apologize if I where you.

How dumb is yr father in law? Whats his IQ?

I don't think it's his IQ in question just that he's a jackass.

#2 What's* your* IQ with typing skills like that?

#2, do you need a dictionary? It'd help you spell. I'll give it to you for your birthday.

Eliseopwns 22

Altough #2, may not be too smart themselves, bagging on him and being dicks ourselves doesn't help.

Men are insensitive. Don't take it to heart, have your beautiful baby and get your figure back!

Not all are. Don't be so general...

You will loose the baby weight, he will always be a ********.

@19 OP might get loose too. I don't mean to offend OP, just staying in context with #6

#45 vaginas are a muscle dipshit they stretch and retract, the don't get 'loose'... Have you ever even come into contact with one

Um, actually they do stretch out from childbirth and never quite go back to their original size. Trust me on this one.

Actually they can go back their original size, trust me

ndnpride88 25

Wear your pregnancy with pride. Tell your father n law to kiss it where the sun don't shine. Congrats on your pregnancy, new life is a beautiful thing.

"Kissing it where the sun don't shine" is probably what made her "fat" to begin with.

mattmsk005 8

Did your husband not talk to his father in the last 8 months, because being pregnant is a pretty big thing you usually bring up in conversation?

Tell your father in law that he needs to pay attention and stop being a jackass.

I'm sure he knows she's pregnant. He's just being insensitive.

Yeah, my MIL has no problem telling pregnant ladies to their face that they look fat, huge, puffy, etc.

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No she should not apologize for him calling her a whale. He should be the one apologizing. Age doesn't matter. That was a mean thing to say.

Well, because her father-in-law will then realize his mistake and get shameful. Then he'll apologize (hopefully).

Sorry that's not how assholes work

How will apologising make the father- in-law realise his mistake? Surely it will confirm to him that he was right?

The 16th century called; they'd like their opinions back.

JustinJK 21

This is how middle eastern people think. I'm close friends with someone from Pakistan and parents are never wrong even when they are, lol. it's frustrating, but that's just how it is. He gets mad at me when I call my parents names or tells me to forgive them when I get into fights with them.

People only apologize if they've done something wrong. Was she wrong for getting pregnant from her husband? I highly doubt it. Respect isn't freely given, just because he's older doesn't mean she should apologize. He was rude and he needs to be sorry for his words. There's no way op should say anything apologetic to her father in law.

That's right, the people of East, specially from Pakistan, prefer to give maximum respect to our elders. Some even say too much, but we are that way! :) It results in elders giving respect to the young ones too!

JustinJK 21

Yeah, maurif, he and I never agree on this haha. but I understand where you're coming from

Lol, am glad you do. Many of these Western people don't xD And you might want to listen to him, parents do deserve our respect, no matter what :)

JustinJK 21

Haha. My biological mother is crazy. I haven't talked to her for nearly 5 years. sometimes they're not deserving of respect. but I won't get into that. it's just not as black and white as that.

It's your personal life and choices bro, but you gotta remember how crazy you used to be as a child. And she still raised you. :)

If my parents abuse me, emotionally or physically, do I still show them respect? Since it's a "no matter what" situation?

#73, #70 said probably said biological mother for a reason.

Age doesn't matter when it comes to respect. And maybe op's husband should side with her to lead to a better relationship with his wife!

gintwinsmoore 20

#11 what kind of logic is this you're using???

Queen_of_Night 20

#73- Being angry over an insult is not being disrespectful to an elder. It was disrespectful of the father-in-law to insult her in the first place, especially since she is very far along in her pregnancy. She is carrying his progeny and name, something I remind you that he never had to do. If he deserves respect simply becasue he is old then she deserves respect for being the mother of his grandchild. I realize the Middle East has different values but saying that she should apologize to shame him doesn't really work.

Wow. ..did you want her to wash the floor and be pulled around by her hair too? That is really really bad advice.

Showing respect is one thing...but is she supposed to pretend to gleefully enjoy being called fat in order to preserve his feelings?

Sorry, but the "respect your elders just because they're your elders" thing is bullshit. People shouldn't get a special social standing just for making it to adulthood.

CODplayer4lyfe 24

Congrats on the baby OP! Too bad you'll carry around a lot of baby weight afterwards. But good luck, and hopefully your in law will understand in a month when he's a grandfather :P