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  420Zombie  |  17

regardless of how it's used I guarantee the old "shitty situation" comment will get down thumbed. yet... I'm almost positive there will be at least one more as I read through the rest of the comments -_-.

  not_a_robot  |  15

Where I live if you don't clean up after your dog you must pay a fine and do 12 hours of community service. I always clean up after my dog because I hate finding other dog's sh** in my front yard and I won't do to others what I hate having be done to me.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

Not to mention that some illnesses are spread to dogs through feces. It's way safer if everyone picks up.

I walk my dog in the local woods, and even if I have to trudge into the underbrush after him (cane and all), I do it. Now that the snow is starting to melt, that park is a disgusting swamp of muddy poo. I always carry extra bags and I'll tell off anybody who isn't picking up. Not afraid to call public security, either (they issue a hefty fine). I've used my phone to tape an asshole whose dog kept shitting on my lawn and didn't get picked up after. He got a nice big fine.