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Today, I was taking my dog for a walk and forgot a bag to pick up his poop, since it's illegal to not pick it up in my town. Right as my dog started to take a dump, a cop car drove by and continued to watch me as I was forced to pick up the poop with my bare hands. FML
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I would've called out to him and asked if he had an extra evidence bag you could borrow

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Caught brown handed weren't you.


I would've called out to him and asked if he had an extra evidence bag you could borrow

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'borrow' Cop- I'll be needing that bag back once you're done with it.

Because you know, it's totally the dogs fault that the owner didn't bring a bag. Why don't you eat it?

I would have asked the cop for a bag, not to borrow one ;). If he refused then I would have asked for a ticket or allow me to come back. This happened at my condo association. I had no bag and this guy came running from far away, screaming at me, calling me a last ass. I was within 50 feet from my place but my dog and I just got back from running errands and she had a tummy ache. The guy stood there, waited til I came back, and followed me to the dumpster, which was 500 feet away. I called him the poop police, in which he got more mad.

A similar thing happened to me, except I told the guy I really didn't care and walked away.

I would to have liked to do that but we get fined here and the crazy guy made sure to find out where I lived.

Sounds like a creeper, tbh. I mean, I guess he thought he was doing a good deed, but wouldn't following you around technically be harassment or stalking? I would have pretended to call the police or something. :/

People like you are one of the reasons why I do not like dog owners much. Letting their dog take a dump and do not pick it up afterwards... I clearly can hear you swearing if you step into some dog's dump and calling the owner names for leaving it here... I would die from laughter if the dump would be from YOUR dog ;-)

122, he was a creeper. We have security guards walking the premises 24/7 so I wasn't too scared. 130, I have always picked up after my dog. The only time I don't/can't is when she goes into bushes and I can't reach it. And if I can't reach it, obviously no one can step in it.

Where do they make you pick it up? In large cities?

Dude whoever forgets a bag and decides not to clean it up, may you burn in hell... Have you ever gotten dog shit on your shoe? Now imagine you don't know it's there And you walk into yor house on the carpet, dog shit all ******* over

sometime cops do have extras, there are also dispensers that you can carry on your belt loop or the leash you can get at any pet store

ikr!But OP loves to do the nasty way of everything.He loves to pick up dog shit and die from shit poisoning

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That's a very shitty situation that I'm sure you won't forget. Which I'm sure is a good thing, so that never again will you forget to bring a bag.

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adding a little elaboration to the old 'that's shitty/a shitty situation' does NOT make it any better -_-.

K? 36 is right. The "that's shitty" or "that's a shitty situation" comments are overused.

You're full of shit, 81. Ha. Sorry. :(.

I'm sorry Banana. :(. I peel really bad.

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Well you know what they say: Shit happens.

Lizardgirl 7

oh so the "oh shit that's disgusting" post gets upvoted but i get downvoted? the comments section of this website sucks...

You're trying too hard, kid. Attention ****** are for myspace and facebook.

42- Stop bitching. The people have spoken.

If you look closely only the first comment using "shit" in it was given thumbs up, any more are redundant.

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this is my first and last time commenting on this site. useless..

Lizardgirl 7

and to the person calling me an attention *****: you don't know me and name calling is inappropriate and doesn't make you look superior. why don't you go take a seat

Girl, you're trying way too hard. Now you're even trying to pull out the old Chris Hansen move... just stop already, you're just making even more of a laughing stock out of yourself. Just take a deep breath, calm your thoughts... and then GET THE **** OUT OF HERE. Easy as pie.

And just to add on to what Voij said: you made YOURSELF look inferior and stupid, no insults from other people necessary. Grow up, little child. I'd say "good riddance", but chances are you'll just come back for more.

I thought that was your last time commenting. Jeez, you sure do take things personally. I'd hate to see in person the kind of fit you'd throw if somebody actually did something truly rude or offensive to you. Chill out. Everyone gets down voted now and then. No big deal.

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you know what? i'll keep commenting on posts because i don't care how much you want to tell me to stop trying. one bad pun is not a big deal and i have a right to be annoyed when half the people on this site enjoy using them. you can't tick me off. obviously trying to defend myself won't work here

Actually 47, 2 seems more like a simple opinion, while she made a lame shitty pun.

Lizardgirl 7

and i do take being called any kind of ***** personally. just because this is the internet doesn't mean i'll just let strangers insult me

You figured it out, Lizard girl! Yay! Good for you!

Uh oh, Lizardgirl's showing her inner kindergartner and throwing a temper tantrum. Waaahhh!

I call my cat an "attention *****" all the time. He's never complained...

Lizardgirl, simply by saying that you will or you won't comment on FML anymore is only contradicting yourself when you say you don't care what others think. George Carlin said it best: "People who say they don't care what other people think are usually desperate to have other people think they don't care what other people think." So please, get over yourself. Say what you mean and mean what you say, because if you're reacting this way to complete strangers on FML, life is gonna get a whole lot harder for you.

Okay, Shrike, I think you've made your point.

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People voting down your comment... Ay, shit happens :)

"How DARE they downvote me? That joke was gold. GOLD!" They just can't recognize linguistic genius when they read it, dear. Those heathen plebians

I'm no detective but here is food for thought: I'm just going to point out that she made the comment less than 2 minutes after the other shit comment was made. Not saying she isn't over reacting (because it is clear that she is) but maybe if she would have calmed down, some of us fellow posters would realize she most likely didn't see the first shit comment posted. I'm tired of seeing the shit puns, as well.

Congratulations humans, for jumping in to gang up on one person.

Docscientist, you're not human? O.o And while I think that not only is she being a defiant, overly defensive four-year-old, jumping on the "Bashing the new kid" train is some Neanderthal behavior. She more than had it coming, as she quite literally kept coming back for more, but a simple "shut the **** up and get the **** out" would've sufficed. Some advice to you, Lizardgirl: Dont take getting downvoted so seriously. Like you said, it's just the Internet, no big deal. Move on, learn from this.

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No, she posted the ******* shitty situation comment. Unless you're utterly sarcastic and that leaks through the screen, you're gonna get thumbed down. *youcametothewronghood.gif*

To be fair, some people on this site are pretty funny/understanding/awesome but some are complete dickheads you can't deny it :L

"this is my first and last time commenting on this site" Okay, first of all that was your third time commenting and second why did you get our hopes up by saying you would stop commenting?

Everyone has to calm the bazooka down and move on. Hey, look! It's superman!

Dayum LizardGirl, you need some ass-prin, 'cause you're acting quite butthurt. No offense, but please calm down, and grow up.

105, I was pointing out a fact to give perspective to all the posters. Please don't put us all in the same category. Some were trying to help her out and she got incredibly defensive.

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This shitty thread really clogged up the comments...

Lizard girl, I'm not trying to he a bitch whatsoever but the reason you got down voted was because the "shit" puns are just really overused. You are right, a lot of people use puns on here. The ones that get thumbs up are the ones that are very clever. I am sure that many people will use the "that's a shitty situation" puns (or something similar) here and they will get down voted too. Many people get thumbed down. There is no need to throw a temper tantrum about it and say that you will never comment again. Next time just try to come up with something more clever. Getting down voted is not the end of the world. Try not to get so worked up about it.

I totally agree with you. Seems everybody who votes on this post are offenders. Leaving dog shit on the street is not cool people.

I don't think she knows what an attention ***** is. It has nothing to do with sex; we might as well just call her attention-seeker since she seems to be so sensitive with this topic. Also, the "shit happens" and "shitty situation" are very overused shit puns. If you use it in a clever and original way, then you're okay.

That's why you train your dog to eat his own poop, they shouldn't have it so easy.

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I now KNOW that you're just as big of a tool as the asshole who pulled up to make sure the owner picked up the poop

You can also train dogs to poop where no one ever walks, and walk where police don't patrol. My aunt trained hers to always poop a few feet from any path. A lot of dogs already show an interest in eating their own wastes so I can't see the problem. Besides the owner already feeds the dog, supervises walks as alpha and pays all the bills, dogs shouldn't have it so easy.

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OP should have just dealt with it by getting the fine. Having your dog eat poop is almost a guarantee that he'll puke it out when he gets home.

In case not everyone got it I was joking. Cats rule.

LuckBeNimble 19

128: thank you (very few seem to suggest taking the fine)! I feel I would've taken the ticket. sure, it may seem immature or "high maintenance" to not want to "take responsibility" for my pet, but F that. watching you and not offering help is an insult over the shot to your dignity.

I sure hope there was a trash can around. Not like you can just throw it on the ground somewhere

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op's hand would still reek of shit though

I hope that OP was close to somewhere he/she could was his/her hands!

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Caught brown handed weren't you.

Seems like he was brown nosing the cops...or should I say brown handing?

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I read this in Stewie Griffin's voice.

YDI for not being prepared, as a pet owner cleaning up after them is your responsibility... It's like if you had a child, you wouldn't take them for an outing without extra diapers, or a bottle etc. Or you yourself wouldn't go grocery shopping without money.

Usually when I go grocery shopping without money I call it something different than grocery shopping...

But do forget things once in a while...

But *people do forget things once in a while... Which apparently can also apply to key words in sentences. See? Point: proven.

And that is the reason why I don't think this is a YDI. Everyone forgets stuff, important stuff or not. How often do people forget their keys? And I bet a lot of parents forget an extra pair of diapers or something. I also sometimes forgot the bags when walking the dog, I'd fortunately always figured this out BEFORE the dog did his thing, but this situation could've happened to me too.

also sometimes you bring those bag roll thingies... if the dog ***** twice you might not realize there was only one bag left

I would've used anything I could get my hands on. Guess your hands were the only thing. FYL

I once had a similar situation and I used a large leaf. Kinda gross, but better than hands. Fortunately the dog had firm, held-together stools.

My mom used to just find a stick and bury the poo :p

It would've been worse if the dog had diarrhea!

I had someone yell at me once because I didn't pick up my dog's poo...even though she had diarrhea. Even after I showed them the wet patch, they didn't see why I couldn't scoop it up in a cup or something. WTF.