By dirtyfoot - 18/01/2009 21:50 - United States

Today, I stepped in dog shit, barefoot, in my own bathroom. The dog had been outside for two hours earlier, and I'd watched him take a dump. Apparently he was saving some for when he got back in the house. FML
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To prevent THIS, meaning the dog pooping inside, from happening.


Ha, looks like your dog wanted to be just like you! Seriously though, that sucks.

HAHAHAHA That's one of the funniest ones I've seen here Sucks for you though... but on the bright side you made quite a few people laugh :).

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I've stepped in dog shit barefoot inside at my bestfriends house the first time I stayed there xD

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at least he knows where to go in the house. now you just need to work on the exact location. lmao

bless. how come this has 5 comments :/

#6 in soviet Russia, comment... oh **** it

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Why were u watching ur dog pinch a loaf

this fml has the award of having the least comments