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Because he'd rather break up than not have sex for a week or two. Shows what he values in that relationship.


Why would her friends resort to asking her to break up with him anyway? A simple "stop having sex until after exams" or "if you're gonna have sex, do it elsewhere" would've sufficed. But your boyfriend's a dick, better off without him.


Sounds like a set up! Interventions are usually planned before the actual confrontation... If OP's bf was so easy going on breaking up over something like that, when really you should just make the decision not to sleep around during exams.. Than it looks like he knew as well.. I'd be happy with the breakup, in that case.


Yeah, you're right. These things are planned before hand. Perhaps he wanted to break up with her and didn't know how and had her friends use that as an excuse? Which is a dick move on all their parts, but yeah.


Yeah. I hate it when people are having sex while I'm taking an exam. Seriously, people can study in the library (ok. some people have sex there too, but at least they're quiet).


#35 You should try sex at the library sometime its awesome. And you get free Kamasutra for referance ;-)

Is your boyfriend going to college with you? If so, I don't think it's a dick move. It's more like he's trying for both of you to focus hard and pass the exams :) Don't take it too hard.


Oh crap, I misread and thought it meant to hold off because of/during the exam period... I regret... /resistlameexcuses

If he's that willing to pick up and leave, then let him! If he's not willing to work through things why should you be.

your roommates are jealous they aren't gettin laid during exam time, everyone needs a stress reliever & study buddy for breaks

By  abu4u

Maybe the boyfriend only want what's best got you: No distractions during exams. But maybe I'm wrong.

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