By gera3gera - 07/10/2009 02:07 - United States

Today, I was walking my dog when, as usual, he did his business in the grass and stepped off to the side. I squatted and reached for the bag when my dog spotted another canine. He lunged forward in excitement and I landed face forward in the feces. FML
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Oh, this brings a whole new perspective to getting shitfaced...


this site gives so many great arguements for why people shouldn't keep pets.

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lol u should see the fml that im trying to get up about my dog

yeah true.....but shit happens right? (no pun intended)

oops ignore this one. comments are messed.

Uhm you are mean to dogs. And if this happend to me, I'd take that dog home, beat the shit out of it and then give it a bone, say sorry, feel satisfied and have a dog that still loves me...

YDI for not cleaning up after your dog. And for being weak.

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That's frigin hilarious lmfao

It's even more so when you imagine OP's dog being a small dog like a Wiener dog or something.

Oh, this brings a whole new perspective to getting shitfaced...

I thought we proved that with a few other FMLs. The shit just keeps flying in, doesn't it?

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Ornithological Pederast aka, Chickenfucker

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it means original poster but all the fake ones made me laugh