By Anonymous - United States - Lutz
Today, a few months after my co-worker had stopped wearing her engagement ring, I decided to put on the moves and start flirting with her. I soon found out that her fiancé had died, and that she's nowhere near over him, despite her brave face. I feel like a total asshole. FML
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  jessi_sunshine  |  26

Definitely agreed. But OP, don't walk into the friendship with the sole intent of making a move. Even if you end up in the dreaded Friendzone, she'll appreciate you a lot more for respecting her as a person and being her friend just for the sake of friendship, rather than having selfish motives under the guise of friendship.

  tjv3  |  10

I'm conflicted I feel like you should have known but then again I feel bad for you since now you feel like dirt. Try being her friend and in time see where that goes

  bamagrl410  |  31

An engagement indicates a serious & committed relationship. People get ready to spend their entire life with the other person. That's not something that's easy to let go of quickly. No matter the reason she isn't in the relationship anymore, I think OP acted a little too soon.

  ScotsLassie  |  6

49 - what a horrible thing to say. If my fiancée died I would obviously tell the people in my life, including coworkers. How can this be construed as blabbing to get attention?

13 - putting a brave face on in doesn't mean not telling others about the death, it relates to how the person is managing their emotions, for example showing on the outside that they are coping when they are struggling inside.

I just can't believe that he didn't hear anybody in the office talking about it as this would only be natural.

By  Enslaved  |  36

Hey, you didn't know.
Why would she remove her ring? She could have still worn it in his memory. I would think-- no ring could be seen as an invitation to be flirted with.

  jem970  |  19

I dont wear anything a guy got me while we dated after we break up. I dont like to look at them and remember them. They are my ex's for a reason. I cant even imagine how she feels. She probably cant look at the ring without crying. I understand her perfectly.