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Today, I was walking down the street when a police officer started walking behind me with his dog. I sped up and tried to cross the road. He took this as suspicious and got the dog to take me to the floor. I've been afraid of dogs since I was 5. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Yes, I would've preferred it if was something more gentle that had taken me down as well. Maybe a turtle perhaps? Or a sloth?

davidisbeast 12

That sucks .... Maybe you should've told the cop


davidisbeast 12

That sucks .... Maybe you should've told the cop

Vash_41288 10

Do they have to say anything? I doubt OP looked like that much a threat, could be use of excessive force. The officer could have just spoken to them and said something, them of OP tool off running or looked to be getting a weapon use the dog

#3- No one knows what you are trying to say. Next time don't type while drunk.

enonymous 8

Classic case of smuggling snaussages across the street. Book 'em Dan-o

Go cops Get The dogs Let's go **** with old folks. That's right Lets get high And pull over black guys. ?

rexgar2000 10

WTF did #3 say? I didn't get any of that.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

3- I think the cop was thinking more on the narcotics side. Police dog=drug dog, a lot of suspects try to flea and drop their drugs along the way so the cop can't find it to charge them with it which is stupid because running is a felony. It happens all the time on cops lol

Go cops Get the dogs Let's go **** with Old folks! Rucka Rucka aaahlee!

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I feel that an officer of the law would be pretty unsympathetic to your plight, they hear every excuse in the books while on the job. That being said, I feel bad for you OP, I know if it'd been a clown chasing me, I probably would have shat my pants at some point.

Seems more like excessive force because he needs to go off reasonable suspicion before he can react unless he gave a verbal command and op disregarded it then I think he could make a decision to react but it still seems a little excessive to me.

#1: Exactly when was he going to tell the cop? If he's afraid of dogs, he's just going to reflexively avoid the situation and that's when the cop reacted.

That's the last thing we need. Cops dressed up as clown patrolling the streets. Now that will scare the shit out of the bad guys.

The cop was just trying to do his job and OPs behavior does sound really suspicous. I'm afraid of dogs too and can understand why OP would do that though.

DomoGenesis 3

Still the bacon of the law offered no verbal warning or an attempt to communicate with OP. I think it's a bit overkill to attack someone with a dog just because they began to walk away.

Maybe op isn't telling the whole story... The officer maybe did tell op to stop... Op Then decided to make some lame excuse and put it on fml

tjv3 10

sue their bloody arses for emotional distress and whatever else you can get away with. that's just police run amock

Seriously sue them? what is wrong with you?

The cop was probably too out of shape to catch the OP themselves (too many donuts) and the dog was handy, so yeah sic em fido...

The police are not employed to go around making people uncomfortable. The officer should have requested that the OP stopped, then asked why they were running - OP could have explained that they were uncomforatble around dogs and the officer could have requested a search after removing the dog from the situation. Simply setting the dog on them was unreasonable force and the OP has a case to press charges against the officer. I personally would do so, and inform the press, a lot of police are simply bullies with power and they are overly protected by their governing bodies, they treat everyone with suspicion despite us supposedly all being innocent until proven guilty. The police just see everyone as criminals that havent been proven guilty of anything yet.

iAmScrubs 19

Yes, I would've preferred it if was something more gentle that had taken me down as well. Maybe a turtle perhaps? Or a sloth?

rexgar2000 10

lesbian much 22? :) just saying lol

22 - Totally irrelevant. Even though I would too.

Me 3. Although rather than "taking me down" I'd prefer "going down on me"

That sucks. I used to be terrified of dogs when I was a kid. I grew out of it eventually, though. I'm not really sure how, just one day I wasn't afraid anymore.

Never mess with The Underdog, or a man with a donut walking a dog.

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

That was not even funny, most cops don't eat donuts on a regular basis..

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Hey ********, bring your steriotypical shit somewhere else.

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Seriously. I saw a bunch of pigs scream like banshees and tackle an underage girl to the floor for being drunk and having a slight slur in her speech on Cops or some other show like that. She literally wasn't doing anything but just looking a bit buzzed, but when she admitted that she had been drinking, about 5 of them ganged up on her and took her down immediately. Ridiculous, albeit funny.

If someone makes it obvious that they are trying to get away from a cop (never mind that it was actually the dog) then it looks very suspicious, like they had committed a crime and so this is NOT unnecessary force.

How is it unnecessary? From the cop's point of view the OP was trying to get away from him/her, looks very suspicious and is grounds to detain the OP Edit: Sorry about double post stupid app made it look like first one wasn't added..

yes it is, normal protocol would be to ask the person why they are running away (you know, speak to them) rather than setting a dog on them.

Fear of dogs... What's that called, dogophobia?

Yes, cynophobia. I was bit as a child (twice) I have it and it sucks because all my neighbors own dogs. Strays are the worst!

ReynshineCutting 10

I try to catch strays lol. That sucks to be scared of dogs.

File a complaint get the pig fired and his pooch put to sleep. Asshole cops!

Yes have a perfectly good dog put down because it was doing what it was trained to do. That sounds about right.

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rexgar2000 10

what the **** 13! why dies the dog have to pay for anything, I bet you one of those that tapes their dogs and leaves them in the garbage can.

audiophileMom 11

13, no17 is right. I hate dogs aswell because they tend to scare my son but it's actually the owners that are the ones who need to be put down if anything. There are also respectful dog owners and handlers with well trained dogs.

Hopefuly one day a Dog wil bite your ass so bad that "puts you to sleep"

I agree with going after that ass hole cop, Thats ****** up, but the dog was only a tool doing what it was told. No need to punish the dog

180CS 2

Or...he could be retrained. Obviously the next time yous screw up at work (which I'm guessing is daily) you should be fried.

That0therguy 4

Yeah 44! Put down the owners!

Idk why people keep saying it was the officers fault, OPs' behavior does sound extremely sketchy. You can't blame him for just doing his job

You have to give a verbal warning before you release the dog for just this reason. You have to give the suspect a chance to surrender before you just sick a dog on them.

Senior29 8

a man afraid of his best frnd???

Think of your worst fear. Now call it your best friend. Not very nice, is it?

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He just went with the saying man's best friend. And our worst enemies can become our greatest friends.

Apparently the sky isn't the limit anymore when we're talking about fail. Commets are part of the lot now.