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  maryiah  |  21

I've never taken a dog to a shelter, but the dog is apparently dangerous if he attacked her randomly, which is why I suggested she may want a new dog. Unless she likes being attacked. *shrugs*

  moonsalt  |  20

Do people really just give up dogs because they got attacked by their own? The word "attacked" can be ambiguous. We don't have enough information from OP to just jump to conclusions like you did, 14.

  Sir_ND_Pity  |  35

23 - You've never been attacked by an ice cream monster made of your favorite ice cream. It is heaven! :D unless, of course, you don't like ice cream or are lactose-intolerant, in which case it might not be so fun :(

  pbonham  |  22

What? I may have missed the memo where this FML had to do with pretending to be a burrito. Such a pointless and unnecessary comment and only there to gain likes because it is "random". Well I'm sorry to say your comment doesn't strike at my funny bone..

By  conholio33  |  28

Time to get some dog training??

  KyraJFoxx  |  14

yes I know #53 but I just started leaving comments yesterday and I guess I got a little too excited and carried away lol. leaving comments everywhere ! but yes... I should just make use of the button from now