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Screw it. 2 insurance claims. Fix that bad boy up. Time at the shop will suck but maybe it can be a good thing and go ahead ad upgrade.


More like *double b*tch slap someone*

Killing spree.

At least if they backed into you, they are liable by law to pay fees

Worst. Day. Ever.

I would say double tap. Zombieland ^_^

Sounds like pay day.

same thing happened to me a month ago , grrrrr, I could'nt believe it.

Its a conspiracy!

OP, that's just the new way of meeting people. You back into their car, take their details, and it goes from there. ;P

Not the threesome you had in mind huh?

Were they in the process of making a 12 point turn in a parking garage?

more like "Double Points" get it?

Time to get a new parking spot! :D

83- I think you burnt your toast.

69 - I saw that FML reference, looks like noone else picked up on it though... Good number BTW :)

Care package acquired (if you have warlord on)

Screw it. 2 insurance claims. Fix that bad boy up. Time at the shop will suck but maybe it can be a good thing and go ahead ad upgrade.

No offense mate, but the 350z is a poor excuse to a sports vehicle ... You should invest in an AM or R8 ...

12 Are you trying to say he can't have a picture of his car on FML because you dont like the car?

My brother's fiance has an R8. IMO its not that great.

I have a 12 year old pontiac minivan. All of you bow to my antique glory.

Ha! I have a 21 year old Mazda Navajo >_> she still runs dangit! An could take the hit from those two cars backing into her. XD.

My father has a db9 ..

*insert troll face here*

*Insert logical statement about how you suck at trolling*

*insert my penis in your mother's vagina* Now that's trolling.

Like a good neighbor~ State Farm is there. WITH A (insert)!

With a new fender!

And can I get a hot tub!

With a bag of weed! And can I get some blunt wraps too?

Don't forget the mini-cooler full of body parts!

With a new girlfriend.

Microwave full of kittens


Modern warfare 3!!!

54 & 61 picture win!

Level 100 Charizard

nationwide just stole your ride

Op, try to off that huge magnet you're carrying before leaving home? That should help

What a pain in the rear.

Surprise bumper sex.

it's not rape if you scream "Surprise!"

Some call it rape, but to me it's just pear jumbled up.

that's why you don't smoke..

Smoking has nothing to do with this FML.

It has everything to do with this fml. Didn't you read the part where the second guy ran into OPs car because he dropped his cigarette?

34 - You my friend, are on the wrong fml. If this is sarcasm, I apologize. There's no sarcasm keyboard.

i guess you'll have fun trying to prove wich one caused what damage exactly... you might get a regular fml-column. that's what you get for standing in everyone's way, of course.

Damn. Double hit.

Why is this an FML? You're not at fault and their insurance will pay for the damage. Stop being a little bitch boy.