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Today, I got pulled over by the cops for swerving a lot while driving. I tried to explain that my dog bit the back of my neck, but as soon as I opened my door to show him the bite marks and the dog, it ran out of the car. I still can't find him. FML
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I guess the expletive you could use here would be "dog gone"?


I guess the expletive you could use here would be "dog gone"?

Now we know what the fox said and who let the dogs out pretty good year.

why wasn't your dog either seat belted in or behind a safety screen? ydi just be glad you didn't cause a major accident

#5: My dog has a seatbelt, and it is for both her benefit and for mine. I don't have to worry about her getting in trouble while I'm driving, and it's saved her a few times when I've had to slam on my brakes because of some moron on the road. Anything not tied or belted-in turns into a projectile in the case of an accident. Everyone should have a seatbelt for their dog.

I didn't know doggy seat belts were a thing... O.o but, I do TOTALLY get why they are a necessity. My best friend's dog almost died once from falling off the seat when her boyfriend had to slam on the brakes :( he was a little dog, so she wasn't worried about him being an issue when she was driving... He just had a hard time staying on the seat, unless he was in her lap...

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While in most cases dog car harnesses are ridiculous overkill clearly this OP hasn't done a great job training this dog, so a dog harness probably wouldn't have been a bad idea. OP deserves the ticket, if one was written though, there's no excuse for failure to control.

We have a seat belt for our dog because he is very little and could get thrown around easily with any sharp movement of the car. Also, he likes to sit on our lap while we drive which makes it very difficult at times.

I have a "car seat@ for my dogs. It's a little basket that you hang over the head rest, and you leash them in it so they can't jump out. This way they can still look outside. They love it!

totally agree, having a dog unrestrained in the car is very irresponsible. either a dog seat belt, a crate, or a screen will do it. the dog is less likely to be injured in an accident, and you're less likely to kill someone in a road accident cos you couldn't bother to restrain your dog. you wouldn't leave kids loose in a car, why does it make sense to leave the dog loose?

Agreed. I'm from Australia and it's the law that you must have your dog restrained by a seat belt or leash (in the the back of a ute).

wow that sucks hope you found/find your dog OP

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As you experienced on your own, an animal should be restrained in the car (transport cage). It is safer for both the driver and the animal. Hope you are fine.

Exactly!! I never understood riding with an animal loose in the car.

Some people have trained dogs that don't need to be restrained.

It doesn't matter if you have trained your dog to sit on the seat and stay put. If you get in an accident, or have to slam on the breaks really fast, your dog can be seriously injured. We are "trained" to stay put in the seat, and we still need to be restrained. Why not a dog?

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It is better to be safe than sorry.

Why did you have to open your car door to do all this? The bite marks were on your neck, so you could have just leaned forward to show the officer the marks through the open window. Also, once he got close enough, he probably could've easily seen the dog through the windows of the car. Opening the door next to a road seems unnecessary. Still, losing a dog is awful, I hope you find you find him/her.

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why didn't you just show him your neck?

*somehow gets confused as a hickey*