Unattack dog

By woofwoof - 30/12/2014 04:17 - Turkey - Izmir

Today, I got mugged while walking my dog. He seemed to be OK with it. FML
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Stephencharis 14

tell him to get a dog...a real dog...

I just imagine the dog laughing and saying "that's what you get for cutting my balls off"

**wuff I like the pun though I'll give you the +1

brasiliano 16

#4 tried his best. His the paw man a break. ah see what I did there.

At least you know he's not a guard dog, for sure.

Mf2307 15

prolly a good idea to try and train him to be a guard dog after that

Aspen_Grace33 27

I always tell my husband anyone could get past our dog too if only they had a treat or acted like they wanted to play. At least you're ok!!!

I'm guessing the dog wasn't properly trained in the first place. So many people think a dog *ANY* dog is going to be a guard dog. That is not the case and should not be expected.

very true. 10 Bucks says its a yip dog that will get confused with a big rat.

XBurytheCastleX 25

I had a 'yip rat' that tore a hole in my hand and defended me over anything, even a leaf. The hole was an accident but my point was that they can be very protective.

Yeah, our Pom is really defensive. Seriously, she's nuts, she'll bark, growl and sometimes even try to attack someone she doesn't know really well. We can't take her for walks and we have to be really careful when someone comes over if she doesn't know them really well. We even tried a trainer but it didn't work. It's much more likely OP's dog is a Lab or another large, passive dog. Our Lab is the sweetest, biggest baby you'll ever meet.

juturnaamo 29

"Jokes on you, he didn't even bring food! Just a bunch of pieces of paper!"

XBurytheCastleX 25

You probably didn't show enough fear or didn't release a scent... Your dog should have picked up on the situation.