By tramplily - 17/11/2011 05:43 - United States

Today, I was driving home and got a phone call from my mom. She called to tell me that there was a cop at the bottom of our hill, and to be careful. I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

She's a sneaky one that mom. You're destined for more trickery OP stay on guard.


Ha, that really sucks! I couldn't help but laugh at the irony though.

Must... Ignore... Phone... Can't... Do... It...

markrs 0

42- nice comment, bad name.... *shuns*

Boygenius50 8

You know what the thing is, you should ALWAYS be careful when driving, not just when a cop's around.

Buttsexpirate 9

She's a sneaky one that mom. You're destined for more trickery OP stay on guard.

Obviously she knows he/she is a horrible driver and ether way DON'T TALK IN UOUR SELF PHONE WHILE DRIVING YOU DUMB FU**

Buttsexpirate 9

Excuse me kind, giant sir but wtf are you saying in capital letters? My mind cannot comprehend.

your mom was just trying to be nice...really ironic though

ThatFatGuyBehind 3

Next she's gonna be rippen up your acceptance letters. Watch out!

I thought they can't pull you over for talking on ur phone. Doesn't there have to be something else to pull you over, but he can give you a ticket after that fact? (sorry for awkward wording)

It's a new law in some states that being on a phone and driving will land you a ticket.

jAbberwocky613 0

It depends on the state and/or if you are in the city. Here in VA if you are in the city you can't use a cellphone (but no one gets pulled over anyways) and if you are not in the city it's a secondary offense...which is what I believe it's called. And in DC you can't use a cellphone.

6 - you look like a younger version of me. Weird.

Actually where I live in VA, it's okay to talk on your cell and drive as long as your 18+

leadman1989 15

I wish I owned a hill... I'd look down on everyone that didn't. :(

The_Troller 14

I live on a hill and one time there was a huge flood and it turned into our own private island. Would've been more fun if it wasn't 40 degrees outside.

Shouldn't have answered your mom's call that close to your house anyways. Seems somewhat pointless to chit chat with someone when you're only moments away from seeing them.

MummaBear_x 0

OP wasnt 'chit chatting' her mum was trying to warn her but clearly it failed!

drawmesunshine 17

The road up their hill could be fourteen miles long. That's not exactly momemts away. Or maybe the mom had just passed the cop on the way to the grocery store, so she wasn't at the house. Or maybe the mom underestimates how fast OP drives, and she was closer to the house than expected. There are several explanation that render your argument invalid. Please try again next time.

The point is, if you know that your state officers can issue tickets for talking and driving, then don't answer your phone. YDI. I live in Washington and my loved ones know that I can't talk when I'm driving.

Shut up... I think it's stupid to get a ticket for talking on the phone because the op could still see what's their doing, it's not like they were texting. People like you annoy me.

Ha ha. You just got owned by your mother.