By bmaas - 17/03/2010 16:53 - United States

Today, I was playing volleyball in gym when I went up for a spike. As I was coming down, I elbowed a girl in the face. It turns she's the second most important lead in our school musical, which we perform on Thursday. Her nose is broken. FML
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Not really your fault. Who gets underneath a person spiking the ball? Also, in volleyball, when someone is hitting the ball, everyone else is supposed to back off, so her bad!

Sucks. She got served.


Epic fail :/

that sucks bad

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ewh!!! WTF ur fault!!

if she is too much of a pussy to act with a broken nose then she shouldn't have been playing volley ball, not that volley ball is a tough sport, no offence

second most important lead in a school musical? So she's not important at all xD No one cares about those things except parents anyway

is her name Noel?

yes yes it was noel

#1: It's an epic fail on the other girl's part. As I said below, in volleyball, when someone is jumping to spike the ball or if someone calls it, you back off. So, the other girl deserves it for being where she shouldn't have been. The OP did nothing wrong, IMO

YDI for playing volleyball

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she got served.

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she deserves it, nobody cares about school musicals.

Boom headshot

Accidents happen, no worries.

Number 54 volleyball is amazing ((:

Tell her to suck it up and put her nose back in place.

71 for the win! I think this should be her fml. It would be much funnier.

#39 win. She's supposed to cover behind the hitter as she hits but not be up in her face. This is definitely the other girls fault and more of an FHL. OP don't feel bad, the other night at practice I went for a kill and when I came back down my feet missed the ground and I fell on my ass. Silly Jessie :)

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sounds more like FHL!

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haha no broken nose is not a big deal pop a tylonal and suck it up I've broken mine like 4 times no biggie she's a wimp

think of it as her face going into your elbow if she cant pay attention to avoid that then she deserves her nose broken

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Too bad it's not a Christmas play like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. otherwise, she would fit the part perfectly.

#39.. actually in volleyball when someone goes up to hit, you go and cover them so that they don't get blocked. .. so you're wrong about backing off. you actually go closer to them.

omg imma beast at volleyball!:D

that's y u don't play volltball

being amazing at volleyball is fun when all the people on the other team suck, I like to mortar the ball to the cieling and 90% of the serves just hit the ground :D

also @39 wouldn't be surprised if she had been texting, can't believe how many girls in my gym class last trimester texted during class, it's easy the way our gym is set up

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your not supposed to back off at all!! you cover a block fail on your part cuz u dont know anything about vball

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im happy someone knows that you should cover not watch ;)

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ok there..;)

160- when your standing where your going to get your nose smashed you should back off at least a little

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well Fu(k you 54 I play vollybal and I could probly kick your @$$

i would say call the **** down but... your right :P

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And... Is she too much of a baby to perform with a broken nose Ydi For elbowing someone, It hurts

HAHAHA!!!! Wow, I'm sorry. Fuck both of your lives, but that's just plain funny. Well, not for you, but for the people reading it. Look on the bright side! I was having a shitty day, then I read this, and it made me smile.

^ My thought exactly.

I ment to reply to #109. xp It's not like you ment to do it.

#123 and #160: If you are covering a block, you definitely should not be close enough to get your nose broken. Also, when someone spikes the ball, they are most likely coming down right next to the net, so how exactly was the other girl "covering the block" from there? Commonly, if the person who spikes the ball is using the right amount of force, then the block would cause the ball to bounce back a couple feet. (Note: I used the word "commonly" to show that I understand sometimes it can end up closer) So, in conclusion, she was too damn close to the girl going up to spike, and should have been paying attention. Basically, as both of you pointed out so well, she should have dropped back and covered the block...which is out of the way of the path of the girl spiking the ball.

I agree with 39. When someone is spiking, get out of the way. Don't just stand there.

well sorry for her. fher life. and sorry for u too. does everyone hate you now??8-0

Yeah. I accidently ran over a movie star once, but it was only Tom Cruise and they just replaced him with a robot clone.

it's a pecking school play?? those things are boring like 90% of the time, bet everybody actually thought it was pretty humerous instead of hating you, girls life seems to be the fml here

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Interesting word choice.

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I don't get it :/

sry, I use that almost every day, so I didn't get it, my bad

This is actually my high school!! lol And our musical's sell out 8 shows every year and are generallyy considered to be the best in the state. Everyone is super bummed!

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Like, every schools musicals 'sell out' because they have like 100 seats and families want to pretend they care about their children. They all suck anyway, I do one every year (and drama performances aswell) and it's all immature jokes or students pretending they can act, because only 10% can actually do it well.

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I second 59 lol that was interesting... nvr heard that one b4 haha..... as for the op just say srry to her and the whole school cast and hope they don't beat the crap out of u for ruining the play........

#88: Agreed. At my high school, there were definitely some BAAAAAAD actors. Although, my senior year, the shows were actually great. A few of the "main actors" continued their theatre studies. I know at least one is getting ready to graduate with her masters in theatre performance and has a job at a pretty phenomenal theatre. Pretty rare, but very cool.

lol :) ur funny

storyoftheyear I just noticed you changed your picture! it looks nice. haha

lol I have longer hair now Paige, that pic was last summer, ironically I was playing volleyball at a camp :D

either way your cute(x and I already knew you were playing volleyball. I can read your mind(:

*creeped out* *leaves* jk, yah I can't find any pics of myself lately that looks decent, cuz nobody seems to take pics of me and I don't usually like taking pics of myself 0_0

ahaha. wellllll, at least this picture is better then the baby screaming xD

well, it looked funny if you knew where the quote was from :P

well ur screwed. maybe u could do it now and elbow the lead to get some laughs.

u can't act with a broken nose?

134, its a musical, so she'll be singing. And she'll sound like shit because of her broken nose, lol fhl

oh oops missed the part about the musical I just thought it was a play my bad

awwww damnn! that's gotta suck. now all the drama people are gonna hate you now. and others. but girls volleyball is in the fall...and guys is in the spring.

It could be just gym class. Ours played it year round at least once a week.

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My thoughts exactly!

*whistles* nice spandex. and at my school there's this thing for girls they play year round

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It says that it was in gym class.

#5: volleyball is played year round if you're in certain clubs or leagues.

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volleyball teams at my school r year round :0

yea I do club. that was just bad comprehension on my part. sorryy :0

and 10: why thank you! *blushes* 

#45: I used to play, I miss it. Im hoping after I'm completely healed up from my surgery that I can start playing with the adult teams in town :)

ohh mannn I would be so depressed if I had surgery that prevented me from playing. I'm just a tiny bit obsessed, as you can tell. but I hope you will get to play soon :) was it a knee surgery or something like that?

haha your welcome vball lover hey send me a private message on her

Naw, Ive been out of it for a while. I was thinking about getting into the adult league because two of my coworkers are in it. I just knew I had a surgery scheduled and couldn't start up when I knew I'd be out. I had surgery to fix my acid reflux, so they went in through the abdomen. Im about 4 weeks post-op and still can't really use those muscles or run around, yet, lol.

The number of people who care is limitless.

Aww, are you just trolling me for fun, or are you my number one fan, now? :D

ohh dangg acid reflux sounds like a bitchh :( i'm sorry. i hope you get better quickly! but yea that would be really fun! I wish more of my friends played, that way I could do beach tourneys with them. so much fun :)

we had a wrestling tournament at the beach once haha ahhh good times *sighs*

#77: agreed! I wish I had more friends that wanted to play. It's easier to do it when you know people, lol.

I used to have acid reflux, but when I got older It went away -_-

truee. but then you can always make new friends! :)

#158: Yeah, mine was because of a slight hiatal hernia and a loose stomach valve that would just open and let everything back up, lol. But, none since the surgery :D

So, she plays a little flat. No sweat, right?

Sucks. She got served.

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I've never heard anyone who plays volleyball actually in a dedicated manner (not just in PE and at barbecues) call a hit a spike anyway, in my experience. That backs up the whole "PE" theory.

was that an intended pun? xD

boreddoubletears....have you ever played volleyball? A spike is when you jump up to hit the ball downward towards the opposing team. That's what it's called. It's the term. Not even just dedicated volleyball players use it. Everyone calls it a spike unless they know absolutely nothing about the game.

I knew it! but that's just because of the guys vs girls volleyball game at my school.. 6ft girl spiked it into my nuts

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sucks for her...for you it's more of a **** your rep then life

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well maybe she was bad actor..... legendary fail and now you know thr ur spikes are killer

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she wouldn't be a bad actor (actually its actress) if she has the second most important part. Also, there are understudies for this very reason.

actor can be used for males or females, actually. and OP, i know people who have performed with broken arms, noses, fingers, etc. shit happens.

agreed with #30! Makeup can cover it up!

well if she's not doing it then she is a bad actor an a bad singer

If you can't sing if your nose is broken, then you're not singing correctly; that means you're singing through your nose. This might be a good singing exercise for her? :)

way to go clumsy! you fail.

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How important are your school's musicals? But, that does suck for her, I am sure wth her nose being broken her vocals will be a little off... it could ruin the show. FherLife. But now the blame is going to be on you... so FYL!

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well, actually, if OP were smart she woulda knocked the girl in the face--KO!! then when she came to: "yeah, some asshole from the other team got you good. they're against your main role." then OP would be free :]