By Anonymous - 12/08/2011 10:40 - Australia

Today, I was using a public urinal when a man came up to use the one next to me. As he approached, he said, "Friendly spy plane inbound" and pretended to look at my knob. FML
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Pretended to? You sure about that?


Pretended to? You sure about that?

My thoughts exactly

Tango sighted!

He thought you were his client, that's code word for business down there in Australia.

So after killing three people a man comes and looks at your dick...sounds like a nice neighborhood

He's got his Tomahawk inbound for your sphincter. It's just a friendly display of Naval dominance, no need to piss yourself.

Atleast it was friendly

Why would he piss himself when he is peeing already?

35, after killing two people actually. He did a Hardline of coke first.

Someone gets their fair share of COD time hahaha

Well your in the bathroom, should of nova gassed him out. ;)

Careful where you point that Valkyrie Rocket


AC130 standing by...

#23 ur a winner!!!

These comments are some of the funniest ones I've seen on here, props to you guys.

Thats what happens in prison

Use a counter spy plane duh!! N00Bs smh

35 if he had hardline then it's only 2 kills

154- ..........

Shoot your SAM Turret at him!

Delta India Charlie Kilo.

If he was using Ghost with a surpressed gun, he wouldn't have been spotted.

Maybe he'll ask if your poop deck needs seamen next

178- I bet very few people get that! haha

At least he didn't call in the SR-71 aka The Blackbird lol xD

164, you're just making assumptions, this man could be a hardcore gamer and enjoy the good games. Last time I check there were UAVs in MW2...

I'm confused...

should've roundhouse kicked his face into the urinal

i wonder how he got a three killstreak...

I don't want to know what happens if he gets a Blackbird...

Maybe he was using hardline lol

He just killed Rosie O'Donnell. She's a five kill streak however. So he still has a care package.

maybe when he gets the five killstreak he can unlock the napalm strike and he can piss fire.

Maybe he has hardline.

i could only imagine wut a mortar strike would be

why do you call it your knob? come up with a better

44: Maybe you can shut up?

Did his Gunship shoot at your Sentry Gun?

He stole a care package.

yeah or just smash him in the face and call it friendly fire

Looks like you better watch out cause soon you'll have an enemy predator missile inbound. ;)

Mini Submarine spotted.

haha I like how everyone spells really badly.

Well shoot that plane down

With your "launcher" ;)

Friendly erection spotted

"Attack dogs at your ready" Then bite his throat...

Falcon punch!!

Or get a counter spyplane. Or ghost...

I like the Sam turret

92, he'd probably like that

OP that's when say "Friendly Counter Spy Plane inbound" amd tell him to f off

this is about Black Ops. Not some Marvel bs.

wow that's really creepy...... find another urinal?

Yeah that makes so much sense! Let him just pull out of that urinal give that guy another chance to look at his dick and in the process manage to piss all over the floor to go look for another urinal!

.....or he could just put his dick back in, and walk to another urinal.....

But that would be mean :( and it's not easy to stop pissing mid stream and walk around :P

Practice makes Perfect.

42 ever try to piss on multiple things that are feet apart? If so then not stopping pissing you'll piss on your legs unless you walk backwards

Or he could just use a cubical....

ENEMY AC130!! then proceed to piss in his face

Dogs inbound! "Wait what?"..

guy in stall- "friendly care package inbound" *plop*

Guy enters stall and notices toilet paper empty... "The enemy has destroyed your equipment"

in a Mexican restaurant bathroom: "we got napalm coming in hot"


I bet he was using Hardline. After that occurrence I bet he uses Hardened.

I bet he was using Hardline. After that occurrence I bet he uses Hardened.

get a life stop playing cod play bf :D

battlefield i mean


151, 152 - Don't tell people to get a life when... a) You're on FML commenting on them. b) Telling another person their game sucks _ and they should play yours. c) You don't have a life either.

Use a SAM Turret and shoot it down!

Friendly grim reaper spinning up! (pisses all over him) Enemy down!

Carpet bomb inbound- Plop plop plop plop plop plop

Spy Plane is Black Ops. AC130 is MW2... Duhh

He used the Ass Clapper 130!

Chris Smoove FTW!*

Haha call of duty in th bathroom :D

more like "call of doodie"

Better ffe his ass before he asks u " is there any more room in them jeans for me"

38 made me laugh the hardest. Doodie.. haha.

Oops sorry looks like I accidentally peed on your shoe....

Lol awkward

He sounds like a nice guy to me :P

He sounds like a nice guy to me :P

Or should it be hawkward lol

lol wow epic rap battle nice one

its hawkvard dumbass, u should learn 2 read better. jk

Shoulda counter spy planed him with a punch in the face! Or u coulda peed on him lol

This is why I carry a tomahawk around with me.

Right...."Pretended". You just keep telling yourself that.

lol ur pic matches perfectly