By Anonymous - 26/09/2011 18:52 - United States

Today, at work while on the toilet, somebody came into the stall next to me and gave a loud play by play of every fart, plop, and grunt. He then asked loudly who I was and when I didn't answer put his head under the stall to look at me. FML
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Lol that's probably normal behaviour for him

Maybe at first, but you can really get to know people this way. ?

This is the stabdard greeting in Northeast Texas. What's so wierd about it?

Glitterhinoceros 14

What is this stabdard greeting you mention?? Sounds painful.

Standard*, sorry I have pudge fingers....

Yeah but you said you had an iPhone, I just tried to spell standard as stabdard and my phone told me to go make **** on myself...

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Make **** on yourself? That sounds delicious

I don't use autocorrect, and I don't always catch my mistakes before I post, usually after I hit submit do I see them. I strive for perfect grammar, but alas I am human and my fingers mess up occasionally.

It's fine, I love people who correct me because it helps me better myself.

Why is CryMoreFMLs and Keymans conversation thumbed down, it was very educational.

I sometimes thumb down the people who reply to the first comment just to get to the top of the page.

85- I expect you to be thumbing down yourself any moment now...

OP you should have taken your AK-47 out from under your hat and blew him away with a rat-at-at-tat, but you ran outta bullets and ran away. (starts humming the rest of ultimate showdown).

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What happens in the men's room, stays in the men's room.

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I would have just shat all over his face

Not as awkward when he then said "I just jizzed in ma pantz"

162 it's called keep Austin weird for a reason

Indeed awkward but it cracked me up and I don't know why

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Op should've kicked him in the face

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You know your job sucks when John Madden gives play by play while your on the toilet... "And this little piece dropped here, and had it dropped here I would've made a smiley face."

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I'd think kicking would be more effective in this situation.

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That's exactly what I had in mind. Perfect!

I would have personally tried stomping on his face

******** on him would have the appropriate response I think.

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Or just letting him be.. Not like he was going to kill you or something, no need to break his face.

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136- no, no need to break it. just permanently deform

136-so you are perfectly fine with people staring at you as you shit?

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156- no and I would never be, I'm Just saying no need to assault him

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Yay! Let's play kick-a-creep! :D

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You should work somewhere less weird....

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Who the heck taught him proper bathroom etiquette?

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I don't think it was a matter of him knowing bathroom ettiquite or not ....

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Yeah, then look at your picture you have.

Yeah... Like dressing up as a children's cartoon character and eat kids

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Only if the OP was between the ages of 0-18

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I though 133 was a girl, until I stalked his profile....

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Did you hear a camera phone shutter sound? That always creeps me out in bathrooms.

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Firstly, please don't kick my kind :( Secondly, it's probably the unlocking sound on phones that you hear, not the camera sound

ikickgingers 15

I don't kick all gingers. A lot of them are ridiculously attractive. And sadly no, I went to the movies with my brothers a few weeks back and heard the shutter sound when I walked in the ladies room and "my husband would be proud" was voiced. Oh god I just threw up a little.

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Hahaha that's messed the **** up!