By Anna - 13/07/2013 04:40 - United States - New York

Today, I was using a public restroom. As I lowered my pants, a man's head and arms popped out over the divider. He took a picture and immediately rushed out. FML
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Are you a chick or a dude?

Or he could have creeped into the women's bathroom to take a picture of some chick on a toilet..


Are you a chick or a dude?

Must be a dude if there was a male in the same restroom.

Or he could have creeped into the women's bathroom to take a picture of some chick on a toilet..

Or some creepy guy ran into a ladies bathroom in order to take creepy pictures of women peeing. Could be either, you can't tell from the FML.

I'd say it's a chick. Most dudes I know at least try to avoid pooping in a public restroom.

#33 +1 for your look.

This isn't a dating website bro.

I'm going with it's a lady. Although we all know that FLM is not the sanctuary of grammar, it's written as "a man" instead of "another man".

xSonic 9

Guys usually just unzip their pants also, not pull down

\ 28

All that matters is that OP has been intelectually violated. And #45, ptshh, my girlfriend is hotter than that, AND she's not insecure about herself :)

Congratulations I guess? I mean it is so great that you have a nice looking girlfriend, but unfortunately for you, we seem to not be impressed at all.

You haven't been to my town -_-

IGaveRickUp 15

Why should that matter? No matter the situation, I find it likewise creepy.

#27, you haven't been to my town

well... the name is anna and 53 men dont go into stalls to pee if it were a guy he would pull down his pants

Her name seems to be Anna. I think that answers your question.

PugDelatorre 11

Well speaking that her username is Anna. I think she's a chick

Or... Her name is Anna it was just a creeper

The name is Anna for the account so I'm guessing girl

Does it matter?

Does it matter?

What the hell.

Ahhhh thaaat 'head'. knew this had something to do with glory holes.

Gross, what a creep!

Perverts these days...

Lets hope he doesn't put it on the Internet

Obey_StudBoii 23

Or Facebook

ChuckSwayze 4

Yeah, because Facebook ISN'T on the Internet

I'd pull my pants right back up and chase after him so I can pin him down and call the cops or security (depending on where you are).

By the time you pulled up your pants and ran out he would be gone. I love how people say what they would do in a situation that has never happened to them.

I would scream profanities

imtooshy 18

If you didn't catch him and kick his ass I sure hope you called the police to report it. I'm scared to use any public washroom these days. Smfh, so many sick people. Sorry OP.

tgagliano95 15

If you can run after him and catch him, call the cops. It is illegal to take pictures of people in bathrooms and other private places without their permission.

You don't say?

jw90 18

Today on "Dudes in the Crapper".

i hope you got a description of the guy and reported it immediately op by calling the cops