By LuckySperm - 12/08/2011 13:14 - United Kingdom

Today, my dad told me that after my two older siblings were born, he got a vasectomy. However, something went wrong, and the vasectomy had failed, resulting in me. FML
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"Lucky Sperm" haha good name

Accidents don't normally happen that way o.o you're a unique accident! :D


"Lucky Sperm" haha good name

Haha I just noticed that!

Your a special accident :3

i moderated this! and yeah no one cares, which is precisely why im saying it

everyone's a winner!

i moderated this! and yeah no one cares, which is precisely why im saying it

oh "the one that got away" that'll be a story in their family for generations

If you're lucky, his doctor will be paying for your college! You lucky duck you!

Your life sucks. Wait you're alive arnt you? It would be a FYnonexistantlife. I'm not sure what to vote.

dont you mean lucky sperm? lol

Or your mom cheated on him and he doesnt know

He's joking right?

everything happens for a reason....

Dont worry my mom tells me I was an accident to

Most of us were mistakes. Some of us still are.

-62 A protein shake. It actually is very healthy for you, helps prevent cancer whitens teeth. Want me to shake some up for you?

It appears your sarcasm detectors are broken, sir, or I didn't make it obvious enough.

You must be a fantastic swimmer !!

I'm just gonna shut up now.

lol he was one hell of a sperm to survive all of that

105- Yeah, you do that. Until you fully grasp the definition of sarcasm and leave behind that blasphemy you so willingly spouted, you are grounded, young man.

117, do you even know what blasphemy is? What higher power am I disrespecting, you df?

I thought you were gonna shut up?!

Ur joking right?

who's yo daddy op? ;)

You beat the system, maaaan!

In his defense that persons comment was REALLY stupid.

Seriously??? R u tht dense??? N ur a dude???

Whoops!!! I clicked da wrong thing!!! Srry!!! Lol!!!

This would be a great story to tell their children

I hope you guys realize it's not possible for this to happen... he's obviously the product of an extramarital affair. once you get a vasectomy that's it, it's literally NOT POSSIBLE.

Thats not true its know that some times they reverse,

That's not nice. ):

aw best vasectomy fail everr? :)

well I'm glad you were born op you're awesome :D

That totally happened with my brother lolol

It happened with my BFF too. I just tell her she's lucky and meant to be no matter what.

My aunt had her tubes tied after her third daughter (who wouldn't?). Then she had a fourth daughter.

ive been trying to convince this to my parents that they did this with my other siblings, too! sad part is that im the youngest :(( lol

Accidents don't normally happen that way o.o you're a unique accident! :D

The vasectomy hadn't failed you're just the mailman's baby!

Then god musta put u here for a reason! Maybe ur like Simon berch and are destined to do something great?

thats why you wear condoms kids!!!!(:

vasectomies quite often do reverse. it's not uncommon at all

Haha ur daddys a bright one...

I'm going to guess that since there is really no way of having children when your body is incapable of making sperm, then his wife cheated on him resulting in a pregnancy.

A vasectomy doesn't make the body incapable of making sperm. It just blocks the sperm from exiting. The procedures do fail sometimes. The tubes can untie themselves basically.

Birth miracle ? :D

Cute pup # 5!

Cute pussy, #19!

cute creeping #37

Cute C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Oh wait...

Happens more then you think that's how I got a little sister

Yay!!! Be happy.

That OP is even alive at all.

At least your mom didn't get an abortion

Well, at least you WERE born. I guess that's kind of all that matters. Look on the bright side(:

You're special! o.O

Your very lucky then