By LuckySperm - / Friday 12 August 2011 13:14 / United Kingdom
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  jake1632  |  9

Whats sperm?

  jake1632  |  9

It appears your sarcasm detectors are broken, sir, or I didn't make it obvious enough.


105- Yeah, you do that. Until you fully grasp the definition of sarcasm and leave behind that blasphemy you so willingly spouted, you are grounded, young man.

  kevinfenchak  |  0

I hope you guys realize it's not possible for this to happen... he's obviously the product of an extramarital affair. once you get a vasectomy that's it, it's literally NOT POSSIBLE.

By  i_wuz_nver_here  |  31

Haha ur daddys a bright one...

  Sdlidner  |  0

A vasectomy doesn't make the body incapable of making sperm. It just blocks the sperm from exiting. The procedures do fail sometimes. The tubes can untie themselves basically.

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