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  anyagrande  |  31

As well as that, the calcium you absorb from milk is not able to be used in your bones very well- scientists aren't sure why yet but they think it may be to do with the galactose in milk. As well as that, milk also has lots of saturated fat, so its better to get your calcium from whole plant foods, such as green vegetables.


This is the kind of stuff you learn in High School Biology classes. There's a simple scientific explanation to Lactose Intolerance and it only takes a few minutes and a visual aid to teach it to someone.

By  jttorkildson  |  21

Forcing you to drink milk is pretty shitty. If she won't listen to reason and understand that she's causing you pain, I think you should pour out her milk, rinse out the bottle and put your non-dairy alternative of choice in there.

By  nonsensical  |  26

Suggest lactose-free milk? It's still milk and it won't be dangerous for you. I'm sorry your mother's ignorance is affecting your well being.