You're the ass

By etgohome - 26/08/2013 00:10 - Canada - Kingston

Today, I almost got run over on my bike by a truck who raced through a red light. After narrowly avoiding a collision, the car slowed down. Instead of apologizing for almost killing me, the driver stuck his head out of the window and yelled, "Nice ass!" FML
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so you were the victim of a hit on and run?

At least you got a Nice Ass!?


so you were the victim of a hit on and run?

That ass is probably what distracted him so much that he almost hit you so be proud of that.

I guess that means OP's ass is killer.

omgitsmoe 26

So not all Canadians say sorry? My life is a lie

I'm sorry we tricked you into thinking we all say sorry

#49 so so sorry you were mistaken.

tjv3 10

Pics of the ass let fml decide :) j/k

omgitsmoe 26

#74 , #85 I can't stop laughing xD

imnotanybody 2

hahaha that's a good one

At least you got a Nice Ass!?

Well, fml community will be the judge of that so OP upload a pic of your ass :)

*Uploads pic of a donkey*. That is a fine ass.

Some people just don't deserve a license

Well, at least he said something nice.

That's not a compliment, it's ******* disgusting.

hcollins1 18

Saying something nice would've been along the line of 'I'm sorry for almost running you over! Oh hey! You're beautiful!'

FrozenHell77 8

Win/ lose situation right there.

RedPillSucks 31

That's what the driver said

mrsnugglefunny 10

Look on the bright side at least you know you have a nice ass now :)

That driver has the ability to give out fine asses to people! Probably because he's an asshat.

Dallasluver19 14

Tell him to **** off.

Pelios_fml 10

What an ass!

Merrqe 11

Is it a car or a truck?

Not sure about you but where I come from larger vehicles like 4WDs and utes are often referred to as 'trucks' as well as cars.