By fviz - 07/02/2013 09:51 - United States

Today, while using a public restroom to change my tampon, I made eye contact with someone looking at me through the little space in the door. FML
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Throw your old tampon at them, they'll never look again! Unless they're into that kind of thing...


Which is why they should do something about all of those little door spaces around the borders. Like it isn't uncomfortable enough to do your business in public without people being able to look you right in the eyes.

Throw your old tampon at them, they'll never look again! Unless they're into that kind of thing...

perdix 29

Your mom still won't let them come for a sleepover.

If it was a lesbian vampire she would have kept coming to look.

X_Codes 11

@49 - Actually, maybe she wasn't a vampire yet and wanted to suck on the Tampon so she could become one.

X_Codes 11

Right, wrong gag website. OOPS.

perdix 29

Was she judging your technique? I hope she didn't criticize you saying, "That's bloody awful!"

While she's judging you, be sure to remind her you put blood sweat and tears into your performance.

She wasn't judging just checking if OP needed help.

LightsxOut 10

You shouldn't make those kinds of jokes about a women's menstrual cycle. Period.

Better her than the wedgie watchers in the barber shop.

that creeper would need a pad to land on when I knock em on their ass for peeping. sorry OP

You should have stuck your head out of the stall and invited them in to repay the awkwardness.

Good things never come, from inviting random perverts into bathroom stalls.

hellobobismyname 24

I doubt the pervert would find that awkward at all. More like a turn on. So no, I wouldn't advise anyone to do that.

I can understand when curious little kids do that, but an adult? Gross.

pipc 10

I don't even tolerate when little kids do that.

Eye contact can make situations so awkward. Imagine how the peeper felt.

dontpanic_fml 32

I wouldn't feel bad for the peeper too much. Unless the restroom is just horribly set up, pretty much the only way people are going to look into your stall is if they willfully do it. The rest of us keep our eyes where they're supposed to be. Not everyone that peeps is a certified creeper or pervert but they are almost all doing it on purpose. And seriously, **** those people...

skyeyez9 24

If that was me and I was in a restroom with those shitty locks that barely works, I would have kicked open the door and hopefully it will smash her nose. Nasty peeping creeps.

Be consoled by the fact this didn't happen when you were alone in a haunted mansion, at night on a full moon, completely alone, with no reception and miles away from civilization

Hpixiee 23

And this is why I'm terrified of public restrooms.