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By  Pentium_4  |  26

every phone lists your phone number somewhere in settings>phone info. or you could ask for his, then call his phone then and there so he knows yours too

By  Clamcreepy  |  7

He probably worked up so much just to ask for your number and you went blank. I'm it'll be a while before he does that again

I thought stuff like that only happened in movies.

  Clamcreepy  |  7

I was referring to her "going blank" and forgot her number.

I should say something rude back at you but you're clearly slow comprehending sentences.

  clm123455  |  14

38: I'll proudly say something rude to your ass. If you didn't like what he said click the thumbs down and move on. No one wants to hear your response because it was pathetic and weak. Thank you and have a nice day.