By foreveralone - 23/07/2013 09:51 - New Zealand - Torbay

Today, I was finally asked out on a date after a year of being single. Turns out he got the wrong number. FML
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...there's always more fish in the sea, right?

So how long has perdix been in your basement noor?


...there's always more fish in the sea, right?

There's also big ass sperm whales that eat a shit tonne of fish and ejaculate all over the place (side note: why do you think sea water tastes so salty).

Huh, and here I thought it was runoff from rocks and other objects that contained salt minerals during the creation of the oceans....**** SCIENCE

Yes, but some people are like sharks; no fish wants to be anywhere near them.

Not if they bioaccumulate, fill with plastic and die...

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Hahaha@ #46. Did you hear that whale of a tale from Snooki? I'm sad for you if you seriously believe that! I concur with #48.

I know the feeling. I drown my sorrows in a series of murder-fantasies which are probably slightly unhealthy, but they get me through the day. :)

Hey man if you need any help or anything you can always see someone

It was a joke (well kinda), but it's good to know that people care.

Well I just do A LOT of programming... Redundant programming at that...

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I just got this whole Jack the Ripper image in my mind. Don't worry, I do the same thing.

That sucks. Maybe act more "available" and you'll be asked more (and the people asking you on a date will be calling you intentionally)? Good luck.

You could always try one of those dating sites, or Craigslist. Careful though, lots of strange ones.

Yes, because when people want to start dating, Craigslist is the first thing that pops in forward a day later "OH GOD SHE/HE TOOK MY KIDNEYS!"

Should've tried to get with him anyway!

Yes who doesn't love getting with total strangers... >_>

Well why don't you start making moves instead.

Exactly what I was thinking. You don't have to wait for someone to ask you, OP. you get out there and do the asking :)

I like it when girls approach it makes everything easier, cuase the chances of a girl rejecting you are higher than a guy rejecting a girl.

Look on the bright side.. At least you're not single.

ILoveMyArm 15

@16 Yes, because autocorrect must have changed "alone" to "single".

It's not so bad being single - you can always get cats!

ILoveMyArm 15

@11 You will regret that someday, cats will soon rule the world. -cue evil laughter-

HOLY SHIT! You've been single for ONE WHOLE YEAR?! May God have mercy on your poor poor soul! And welcome to the single club! :D

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Don't worry Op having a boyfriend only increases your stress and ties you down more. Be happy and have fun, you don't need a boyfriend it's ok. Just do your thing and be happy.

I agree! Single life is better. Have ur fun now & then let the serious stuff come later on.