By WhoaThere - 18/12/2009 05:23 - United States

Today, a cute guy asked for my phone number and I gladly gave it to him. I was feeling really good about myself for getting hit on by the star football player. That was until he called 8 times and left 5 messages. In 2 hours. FML
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MMkay, so the bad thing would be the fact he couldn't stop dialing your number? Whats the big deal? You gave your number to him so.. just DEAL with it. And just tell him to stop calling the next time he called. Problem solved.


Lesson learnt. Don't give your number to random cute guys.

Sun_Kissed18 25

He probably wasn't random, she just might not have had room enough to mention her exact relationship with him

How long does it take you to deliver his damn sammich, if i was him id sue your ass

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Chill out. he just likes you, learn to take a compliment.

Because his a freaky, love-starved stalker. OP YDI for assuming being shallow and only giving your number to someone because he was a football player.

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This isnt an FML. you liked the guy and it turns out he liked you a little more than you planned. you should be happy.

who gives a **** ya *****. you think we don't care enough or we care to much. I hope next time he calls you it is to say I am breaking up you never anserw the phone!!!!!! 

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you obviously give a **** if you bother to write a comment. and this is FML. They didn't say: HEY, LOOK AT MY FML?! you chose to use FML so shut the **** up

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Today, I got the number of a girl ive been in love with for a year. She wont pick up my calls or answer my texts. FML

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Let's all feel sorry for you because a guy actually wants to talk to you? F*CK you!!! This isn't even an FML

wtf girls love this shit. If he's like guys I've dealt with (indirectly, through my female friends), he will be the nicest guy for two weeks until you give in and fall for him, and then he will treat you like shit for the next 50 weeks.

Girls like being treated well, we don't like being stalked. There's a difference.

So since you're the girl, you expect the guy to call you. Because that's not a girl thing, right? And if he calls you too soon, then he obviously has so much interest in you that he would be too easy, and that wouldn't be fun at all. Then he wouldn't be the guy for you. But if he calls you beyond your deadline, then he obviously wouldn't be able to keep up with you. Then he wouldn't be the guy for you. But what if he calls at just the right time? Then you'll analyze each and every thing he says, to make SURE he's the right guy for you. And if he ever says anything you don't like, even if it's a mistake, then he's obviously not the right guy for you.

AMEN brother. I wish I were naiive enough to argue with that.

I completely agree wit 66. thts EXACTLY what girls do. I really find it stupid that they can't see so? like it's realll obvious... I like your pic of mf doom bro

REALLY LIKES YOU, most likely he now knows where you live and stare at your windows every night

MMkay, so the bad thing would be the fact he couldn't stop dialing your number? Whats the big deal? You gave your number to him so.. just DEAL with it. And just tell him to stop calling the next time he called. Problem solved.

you girls that don't think there is a problem with that much obsession clearly haven't been in a situation like this before. it's so unattractive to be that desperate. if the op isn't answering, the creep should have gotten the message 5 calls ago. if my boyfriend of 2 years did this to me I'd yell at him, and that's after 2 years.

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Oh that is so cute. You think that someone that clingy will actually listen to being told to stop being so clingy. Wow you much be very young or navie or both to believe that this would actually work with a lot of people

Or you just answer him, wasn't he cute? Or you can just put him on the blacklist...

clingy much? but seriously, YDI because you could just pick up.

At 40, a star football player will be fading out of existence. At 40, a nerd/geek will be at the peak of his career and life. And somehow people respect brawn more than brains.

I have to disagree, in both cases it just depends on how good you are at what you do. I mean how much money does David Beckham make.

It's a biological thing, the strong cavemen survived longer against the mammoth than the intelligent one...and thus he might be more able to produce strong and healthy children. It's the same with 90-60-90...these proportions were just an indicator on how fertile a woman is, that's why men think it is attractive. I think so too (although it isn't everything). But a wise or intelligent man always finds a way around helping the local king with war machines and gaining his daughter as...payment or inventing some mystic stuff and scaring the shit out of people if they don't believe what you creative!

Yes but Bill Gates is one scary mother ******, also are we talking about fame money or what here?

Athletic, good looking geeks? I wasn't aware these mythical creatures existed. Please, point me in their direction, I beg you!

Get of the computer, go to your bedroom, ones probably ******* your wife as we speak. And if you are a female or do not have a wife i still stand by this statement.

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I played American football, as well as studied computer science. We are everywhere.

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"And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the RARE athletic geek. There are only 3 documented organisms on planet Earth today. Please do not take pictures, do not feed, and do NOT talk to it. It's intelligent conversation while looking brilliantly buff may blow your mind. Move along, move along..."

woah woah woah. being smart doesn't make you weak. i build tesla coils and shit in class/ but hang out and play basketball wit friends in the afternoons. i'm nerdy and decently athletic.

@ 25 I actually prefer my geeky guys to look geeky. The whole athlete/jock look does absolutely nothing for me. Mind you, that doesn't mean they still wouldn't dominate the world, just that I wouldn't date them even if they did. :p

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Yeah but by 40, a star football player has probably retired with millions of dollars in the bank.

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so a cute guy is obviously really into you, I don't see the fml in this..

the fast that he is OBSESSED with her after two hours

I bet she was obsessed before she gave him her number.

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wow cuttie with a..... spereation issue... look how lucky u r

Start telling everyone about how small his penis is. That will shut him up.