By parkertownparadise - United States
Today, after applying for a job at the local pet store, I picked up a ferret. It began licking my cheek, causing me to turn my head. It then latched onto my ear and hung like a giant furry hoop earring. I screamed, then quietly left the building. FML
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You were actually given a good opportunity to prove you can handle animals that aren't always going to be cute and cuddly. If you felt you couldn't handle it, you're probably not good for the job.

By  ProhibitionRose  |  14

As adorable as ferrets are, I never let mine anywhere near my face as its safe to assume that ferrets that are sold in pet stores bite since they aren't handled as much as ones you'd buy from a breeder.

  yummy_richkid  |  3

Oh. I just realized that it fits into the FML for two reasons. I was just reading the caption "At least you tried". But there are also puppies in the picture. Ha. I'm slow.

By  Pelreskovich  |  11

When you show anger you get fired from your job, when you get fired from your job you grow a scraggly beard searching for a new one in desperation. When you can't find a new job you eventually try the pet store and start taking in animals. Once you take in one animal you can't stop taking in animals.

  Pentium_4  |  26

haha. you know what's funny is, i thought you made it up but knew the reference. then literally 10 minutes later i saw the commercial and went, "OHHHHHHHH!" your comment made the commercial that much more awesome!

  Pelreskovich  |  11

I've seen that commercial at least 15 times and still die laughing, especially when he picks up the cat and is hunching down looking around to see if anyone saw him. LOL.