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  rofflewaffle  |  9

Pshh. It's your house, too. I'd go out there and act completely normal. Start cooking. Ask if they want anything. :)
Don't let them be inconsiderate assholes to you.

  surfergirl20  |  0

Go in completely naked and whip up your meal while "Sexual Healing" plays through the speakers of your iHome as you sensually dance in the kitchen. You have to mess around with them just as they are on your table.

  israelnotjacob  |  20

Your life sucks since your roommates are that inconsiderate to do that while you're home in the first place, but you also deserve it to some extent for letting them do that. I probably would just come down and warn them I was coming in the room so they'd better stop, and if they get mad I'd just flat out say it's my apartment too and they don't have the right to force me to lock myself in one part of it so they can do that crap. Sure my girl and I have had sex outside of the bedroom at our apartment, but only when nobody else was home. When you live with other people you need to respect the fact that they need to use those areas too. It should be common sense, but if your roommates have none you need to put a stop to it.

  TheRealBruce  |  12

Haha that reminds me of workaholics magic happened here magic happened there you smell that you know what that is? "magic?" no turkey bacon good guess though.

  immaMonsta  |  8

#6 Although people having sex on the kitchen table can be awkward, I wouldn't five a shit either. If I'm hungry, then I'm going to go make myself a meal. Plus, why should you stay out of the kitchen OP? It's not like they're hiding it behind closed doors.

  kportal69  |  5

I would've gone in there gone up to them put a big smile on and high dived them. Or stood creepily over his back with a thumbs up and a smile. They want to make it awkward for you make it awkward for them :)

  Narttu  |  20

Exactly what I was thinking.
I would have just worked around them, maybe even watched or joined in. They'd get out of the way pretty fast if it bothered them.