By Medic - 29/10/2012 03:10 - United States - Puyallup

Today, at work as an EMT, I was telling a panicked patient that I would be taking her vital signs. I inadvertently said that I would be taking her vital organs. FML
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No! Anything but the organs! How will we play church music :o

*Pulls out chainsaw. We all know your intentions.


*Pulls out chainsaw. We all know your intentions.

Why don't you just say you're taking their obs? Saying taking their vital signs a bit final. But I guess it's better than saying taking your vital organs to a frightened patient.

Orgasim - what occurs when your simcard is first entered into your phone?

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22- I got an immature chuckle out of that.

No! Anything but the organs! How will we play church music :o

I don't know if god does anything but I sure as hell know he won't send you an organ via express mail!

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33 - God*, and no one would send an organ via express mail.

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14, I don't see why you were disliked. I laughed. And now I get disliked by hateful people.

Meh. It's true. If all you do is pray and then wait, you're gonna be waiting a very long time. I wasn't trying to bring up any personal views on God.

34, that's what he wrote, "god" it's the same thing as "God". Chill out.

52- Nah... It's really different. I know it doesn't look like it, but it is. It's because it's kind of saying there's only one God to us Christians, and having it lower cased implies that He isn't the only God... If that made any kind of sense... I apologize if I totally just confused and/ or offended anyone- I'm only human!

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52 - Actually, you're mistaken. The term "god" is exactly that, a "god." "God," on the other hand, is a proper noun used for one specific god.

About as good as Justin Bieber's music. And I'm referring to quality, not marketability.

oh gawd...I'm sure a bead of sweat poured out of every pore on the woman.

I hope you then let out a particularly evil laugh.

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Hopefully, that lightened the mood a little. Levity can be a good thing in a stressful situation. So long as you didn't joke about her weight.

The patient was already panicking. I would imagine that any more stress, intentional or otherwise, would cause physical harm.

Haha I'm currently taking my EMT class in school (yes in high school, yes I'll be on an ambulance soon) and this just reminds me of the many flops my instructor has told us. Just look up and start fresh tomorrow. You'll look back on it and laugh.

What great insight you provide, yes good insight. Best of luck to you, yes the best of luck...

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16, I don't know what was more idiotic, your post or your profile information. I guess it's a toss up.

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I'd like to place a movement for the profile being worse. Anyone care to second the motion?

I would have laughed my ass off at that, don't feel bad OP! It was funny!

The only reason you would laugh is because you're not already panicking. I laughed at the FML, but I'm not afraid for my life.

Don't worry. As a lifeguard I've told someone I had to rescue from drowning I can't swim