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By Anonymous - 18/09/2009 10:40 - Australia

Today, I finally worked up the courage to ask a cute guy for his number. Once he had given me his, he asked for mine. My initial happiness was deflated when he said, "OK, now I can just block every message from you," and walked away. FML
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I'm sorry hon D: that was rly mean of him but u will find someone better (:

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This is actually a good thing - you get to write off a total douchebag without him wasting any of your time.

dudeitsdanny 9

Maybe she wasn't shut down. Maybe he was kidding. I've done that haha.

How is it creepy if you ask someone for their number?

why didn't he just give u a fake number

120 - who would ask YOU for your number ?! lolol

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because declining politely makes absolutely no sense

How was OP being creepy? She actually made an honest effort to pursue someone. Major props, OP. Not a lot of people have the huevos to do that, nowadays.

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135- probably the person in the picture

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He's probably just been hounded before so he now makes certain to keep all dogs away.

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what a douche. there's no need to be so harsh

I second this. There is a difference between not being interested and being nice and being a blistered **** about it. Subtlety is not his forte, obviously. Probably not worth it anyway if he doesn't know how to consider other's feelings

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indeed. why do people have to be such assholes?

Looks like you dodged a douchebag (favorite pass time of mine btw except we use an actual douche bag).

Yeah I agree. Guys like that are not something you wanna go for. :/ I'm sorry op, good luck finding a good guy. You deserve one!

what #6 said. It was rather a harsh move, but at least he made it clear he's an asshole.

but im confused....why did the moron give you his number????? :/

It could have been one of those rejection hotline numbers, or a fake number.

who says that he's going to block her number? he could just be saying that to sadden the OP

If someone did that to me their number would end up on every bathroom stall I used.