By 3some? uh, no - Dominican Republic
Today, I finally found the courage to ask a guy I like out for a drink. He accepted, we drank, and when it came time to go home, I half-drunkenly left him my number. Once I got back home, I realized I'd actually given him my dad's number instead. FML
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  LMFAOwned  |  9

Let me be the first to give you your well earned golden start for your original, one of a kind comment.

On a second note, OP, your dad of all people? It's just one of those fantastic face-palm moments.

  xx000o  |  27

#1 a male voice answering should raise a brain flag.
#2 just ask your dad to give him your number, then wait for him to stop laughing. The shorter the laugh, the higher the probability he will comply.

  Authoress14  |  15

Rly? It matters that much to on you the FYL app? lol I got nothing to prove to you or anyone on a social app for everyones embarrassing amusement. Thanks for the laugh.

  AllieCat21  |  21

Why take the time to put something on your profile that describes yourself, and not follow through with it? You obviously thought it mattered enough to include in your profile.

  wlddog  |  14

Ok, that one made me laugh.

Him; "Hey baby, I can't wait to get into your pants tomorrow."

Dad; "I am sure you will remember it for the rest of your life. How do you feel about handcuffs?"