By chicagobulls102 - 10/09/2011 18:19 - United States

Today, the really cute guy who asked for my number last night texted me. He wanted to know if he could get my friend's number, because he'd been too shy to ask her directly. FML
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I certainly would NOT have passed along the friend's number; I hope you didn't. Not only is he "shy" (lacks balls), but he's rude.


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Reminds me of what my friend said once: "You use the uglies to get to the pretties."

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Give him your moms number. Hopefully he texts instead of calls.

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So he was too shy to ask for her number but could ask for yours? Sounds disrespectful. I hope you gave him a wrong number.

Give him the rejection hotline number instead.

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It's really not his fault. He could be young and insecure. Maybe he didn't get that "vibe" from op? Or maybe op didn't make her intentions known. It's not really a fml if op is doing exactly the same thing the guy is. Lesser of two evils.

Say that she has jumped off the earth to visit the aliens in mars called Bobby and Johnny.

43- If he doesn't want her that badly, he doesn't deserve her.

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@43 its really not his fault based on a bunch of assumptions and possibilities, all of which are weak excuses anyway. if you dont get that "vibe" from someone you dont ask for their number, thats leading them on. not showing your interest is the lesser of two evils when compared to leading someone on to get in contact with their friend. a child would be able to figure that out.

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No way 2 her friend doesn't like *******.

You should have pretended to be someone else, so he would think that you gave him the wrong number.

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what an asshole!! Give him a random number!

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Awww... That's nice of u op... Too bad he didn't want to go out with u though :( that sucks..

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I certainly would NOT have passed along the friend's number; I hope you didn't. Not only is he "shy" (lacks balls), but he's rude.

That sucks OP but a guy that is too much of a pussy to ask for someones number wouldn't be much fun at all anyway

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His intentions were misleading. He asked for her number, which anyone would interpret as an interest in her, then he turns around and requests her friend's number. It's pretty messed up.

i agree... if he's too scared to even ask a girl for her number, how is he gonna be a good boyfriend?

The nude man on the beach speaks wise words.

Actually, if he "lacked balls," he would have no urge to talk to girls due to the lack of testosterone in his body. Now go sit in the corner with your duncecap on.

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Being shy doesn't mean you lack balls asshole.

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Because you don't ask a girl for another girl's number. It's unacceptable and any guy with the least bit of class would never attempt it.

It was messed up to ask for OP's number with his intentions, but just because someone is shy doesn't mean they would not make a good boyfriend.

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74- since the guy acted like he was interested (which he clearly wasnt) and lead OP on, its pretty messed up. if OP were friends with him and had no interest in him, it would be acceptable.

Tell your friend someone didn't have the balls to talk to her. Then give him her number.

If I were the friend, I would prefer the OP to not give out my number, especially to that loser. But I see in your statement, you did warn the girlfriend beforehand.(:

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...and youd give him the number why? because you want your friends to be harassed by dickheads? good for you.

No, because I'm an asshole and I really wouldn't care either way.

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So did you give him her number?

8765309! It is unbelievable how many people believe thats my #.

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Tommy Tutone is weeping... It's 867-5309

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It posted my comment in the wrong place :/

"Jenny 867-5309" is the reason that movies/tv etc.... Use area code (555) ###-#### when displaying a number on screen.(:

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how is this a you deserved it? I feel bad for the person :/