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Today, I found one of my mom's old diaries that dated back to my infant days. I couldn't help but read a little. I'm now in great concern over how many times my mom wrote that she wanted to dunk me in the toilet or throw me against a wall. FML
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That's true motherly love

I'm sure you'll understand one day, not that every mother wants to use violence, but how stressful having a child can be. Maybe your mother went through post natal depression but wasn't diagnosed, it happens. Just let it slide, I'm sure she's happy now. She might not want to remember the feelings she had. :)


That's true motherly love

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I think we can all agree when I say HOLY SHIT, don't piss her off!

Obviously she was just venting her frustrations in her PERSONAL diary. Having a child can be very stressful and the lack of sleep that accompanies can lead to varying instances of psychosis. The fact that she didn't act on those thoughts means that there is nothing you need to worry about, especially if the only indication of these thoughts were left in writing and not on your physical/emotional well-being.

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where's pops at?

I agree with 21, Don't take it personally. When my mum was pregnant with me she got incredibly sick and fainted loads, but the other day she told me I was her favourite mistake. Not sure if that's a compliment or not, but I'm flattered nevertheless.

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No 21 don't make excuses to Mr. Mom. She a crazy psycho!

I'm not sure how old OP is but there is something called postpartum depression. Many women felt that way but didn't know what it was. It's the women who did anything about their feelings who were considered crazy. Most of the time it's a hormonal imbalance and will go away with meds or time. I'm sure her's went would have known it otherwise.

Postnatal depression...

Be very careful OP, don't get in her bad side because she can still dunk you into the toilet and throw you against the wall.

At 114- I believe postnatal refers to the baby not the mother.

125 - Postnatal depression–explains all the crying.

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Actually thats pretty normal, all babies wake you up at midnight, poop on you, puke on you, and still need to be paid for played with and fed, tell me you would not kill onee

All of mine survived, 164. :P

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That is just scary.

Confront her. Only way to be sure. Otherwise you'll just get paranoid about it.... and maybe turn into your mother :S

If she confronts her, her mom will probably get mad at her for reading her diary. OP, if she actually tries to do those things, call the police...

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If you're a mother you would understand. Some moms feel very stressed out and might say things like this but would never actually do it. Their love for their child is immense but the frustration of maybe having a baby who won't stop crying can get to them. The fact the OP is writing this means OP is alive and well and I'm sure the mother wouldn't attempt this anytime soon.

When you read that diary, then you have my permission to die. (Batman reference for all you that didn't get it)

Does nobody understand tongue in cheek humour any more?! I miss the good old days... although they didn't have memes and rage comics in those days. I'm torn.

Nope, this site takes its humour very seriously. No more unauthorized jokes, you hear? Now go and write a post explaining why OPs feelings and frustrations are normal, nobody else seems to be aware.

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Auto correct -_- darn iPod!

But "were" is a word. It wouldn't auto correct that

Actually, it would. It does it to me all the time

It's actually considered normal for first time moms. It's called Postpartum depression & the different stages of psychosis that accompany it. Google might be able to enlighten you a bit.

I don't understand why anyone really cares whether someone accidentally inserted an apostrophe into a word - who gives a flying fuck?

English majors?

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I'm a Literature Major and I still don't care.

#107, Those who value clarity and accuracy. If you are taking the time to write, get it right.

At least she didn't actually do it! Everyone has violent thoughts at some point in life

then thumb his comment up.

Yeah, but still wtf? How could you think of doing things like that to your baby? Sure they can be a handful, but seriously?

I'm sure you'll understand one day, not that every mother wants to use violence, but how stressful having a child can be. Maybe your mother went through post natal depression but wasn't diagnosed, it happens. Just let it slide, I'm sure she's happy now. She might not want to remember the feelings she had. :)

Might you mean postpartum depression?

I had to check then! They're the same thing, I just went with the one that I know of. :)

That's what I thought, I've got two little girls, they're still babies, the older has 2 years and i thought sometimes about gaging her and put her in a wardrobe..sssso stressing. Obviously I wouldn't but those thoughts are there.

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Postpartum Depression is no joke. For the first three months of my niece's life, my family had to keep her away from my sister because of things she would say. She never did anything but we felt like at 17 she could snap. But after she healed and relaxed she was fine. She's the best mom ever now.

She wouldn't love you to her full extent if she didn't just want to abuse you every now and then. It's only that she cares for you, miss!

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That sounds like postpartum depression idiot!! And it is nothing to joke about!

Atleast shee didn't act on her thoughts.

Or did she? That explains that "birthmark".

I think every mother has those days, OP. I'm pretty sure I drove my mom crazy too.

Ah don’t worry, loads of parents feel like that. My sister said she wanted to throw her first baby through the window. It was just that she was exhausted as the baby was constantly crying night and days due to stomach pain. She never meant it and she probably is the greatest mother I know and her 3 kids adore her.